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Handwoven Organic Pure Handloom Cotton FabricHandwoven Organic Pure Handloom Cotton Fabric

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Organic Cotton Fabric in Wholesale from Fabriclore

There’s a saying that goes like this: “If the coconut tree is considered the tree of life, then cotton is the fabric of life.” Since archaic times, pure cotton fabrics have been an indispensable part of the textile industry, and if your brand believes in this, we have just the perfect fabric for you. Yes, we are talking about organic cotton. Are you looking for organic cotton fabric for wholesale in India? Visit our website and explore our collection of a sustainable and stunning range of organic cotton fabrics ideal for a wide range of garments. 

Shop now because you can never go wrong with organic cotton! 

Introduction to Organic Cotton Fabric:

Pure, organic cotton is so much more than a fabric; it represents a brand’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly practices. Unlike conventional cotton, the organic variety is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, which can be atrocious for the environment as well as human health. 

The eco-friendly initiative involved in producing organic cotton doesn’t just support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, it also promotes fair and safe labour conditions for farmers. Besides, consumers are also increasingly becoming eco-aware, and as a fashion brand, if you get the green tag in front of your target audience with organic cotton, there are chances that you get better ROI from a group of nature-loving consumers. 

At Fabriclore, we understand the significance of sustainable materials in the fashion industry. With a huge collection of organic cotton fabrics sourced and quality-checked from 50+ verified mills, we ensure you receive the finest materials for your design. Regardless of whether you are an independent fashion designer or a large-scale manufacturer, we have wholesale organic cotton fabrics perfect for creating ethical and eco-conscious garments. 

What is Organic Cotton?

In layman’s lingo, organic cotton is a fibre that is extracted only from natural seeds without any harmful chemicals. Sustainable agricultural practices are followed and in the case of organic cotton, the seeds used are never transgenic. With the evolving horticulture and farming techniques, often genetically modified seeds are used in conventional cotton crops to make the plants more resistant to pests. 

However, in organic cotton, this isn’t the case, and without any harmful pesticides or herbicides, the soil is healthier. This means less water is required for growing cotton, so the crop has less impact on the environment. This type of farming also keeps rivers, lakes, or any drinking water near the farm free of toxic substances. In a nutshell, switching to organic cotton fabric means being more respectful towards the planet and the overall physiological well-being of the human race. 

Perks of Organic Cotton Fabric:

There are numerous environmental, health and financial benefits of organic cotton, including the following:

  • As organic cotton farming eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, you promote a safer environment for farmers and wildlife. The crops use relatively less water than conventional cotton, so you also contribute to healthier soil, cleaner water and better biodiversity.
  • Organic cotton fibres are soft, breathable and comfortable and as they are free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, they are a safer choice for those looking for hypoallergenic fabrics. 
  • Organic cotton farming often involves fair trade practices, ensuring that farmers receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. By choosing organic cotton, you support farming communities and contribute to their economic stability and well-being.
  • Unlike synthetic fibres, organic cotton doesn’t generate static electricity. 
  • Another prominent advantage of organic cotton is it is relatively easy to maintain. The fabric doesn’t need washing or much ironing, and it would look elegant even after multiple washes or wears. 
  • At Fabriclore, we even keep the dyeing process sustainable. Our end products are free of toxins, so you only get organic fibres and natural dyes when you order from us.

Our Product Range

We have the handwoven organic pure handloom cotton fabric with a very earthy, rustic, vintage feel. The weight of the fabric is 130 grams per meter, which makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Besides, we are great at customization as well. You can reach out to us for organic cotton, and depending on your vision, we can customize the fabric.

Then, we also provide custom swatches, so you can analyse the print and quality of the fabric before making a bulk purchase. You get stunning designs in about 40 inches in width and the length you want. You can also see your prints and vision on life-like models to minimize the sampling efforts. Once the design is finalized, use the fabric to satiate your conscious design hunger and shape it into elegant dresses, pants, shirts, kurtas, tunics, jumpsuits, and more. When it comes to fashion with Fabriclore, the sky is the limit! 

Dyeing and Printing Options for Organic Cotton Fabrics:

Printing and dyeing is our strong suit because we use a clever blend of technology and artistry. Our printing and dyeing options include but aren’t limited to these techniques: 

  • Screen Printing: Choose from Pigment, Procian, and Discharge methods, each providing unique textures and hues, perfect for creating bold, long-lasting designs.
  • Hand Block Printing: Embrace traditional artistry with methods that bring intricate patterns and rich cultural heritage to your fabrics, making each piece a timeless work of art. Our hand block printing options include:
  • Indigo: A natural dyeing technique using Indigofera plant extracts, known for its deep blue hues and eco-friendly process.
  • Ajrak: Originating from the Sindh region, Ajrak involves intricate handblock printing with natural dyes, producing complex geometric and floral patterns.
  • Kalamkari: An ancient art form where artisans use a pen (kalam) to hand-paint or block-print detailed mythological and floral motifs with natural dyes.
  • Bagh: From Madhya Pradesh, this technique uses hand-carved wooden blocks and natural colours to create vibrant floral and geometric designs.
  • Dabu: A mud-resist hand block printing method from Rajasthan, creating unique, intricate patterns with natural dyes.
  • Rapid: A modern, fast-drying dyeing process that ensures bold, long-lasting colours.
  • Digital Printing: Our state-of-the-art digital printing ensures precision and clarity in every detail, allowing for complex and colourful designs with a modern touch.
  • Solid Dyeing: Achieve uniform colour saturation with our solid dyeing process, perfect for creating a consistent, high-quality finish across large batches of fabric.

Why Choose Fabriclore as Your Wholesale Organic Cotton Supplier?

Trusted by over 400 private labels globally, Fabriclore delivers customized organic cotton fabric at low MOQ to independent fashion businesses globally. The entire process from sourcing to production is tech-enabled, and you get different dyeing and printing options like screen printing, hand block printing, digital printing, solid dyeing and more! Everything is kept under one roof with their proprietary quality process, and you get assistance from professionals at every step of the process. 

In addition, the in-house inspection and testing unit of Fabriclore is also flawless. The professionals and state-of-the-art technology in their QA facility can analyse over 20 types of defects and conduct shrinkage and colour fastness for each order. From concept to delivery, we promise unparalleled support without any hiccups. 

Looking for 100% organic cotton fabric wholesale, or want a personalised estimate for organic cotton? We are just a call away!

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