Souffle Fabric

Souffle Fabric

Souffle Fabric

What is Souffle Fabric?

  • Souffle fabric is a vertical warp knit fabric. It is available primarily in flesh color giving the illusion of bare skin. 
  • It is said that the word “souffle” has been derived from the French term meaning “a breath”.
  • Since then the fabric has been used for its light and airy quality. 


  • The souffle fabric originated from Bianchini and is a special material. However, the usage of fabric was eventually discontinued because of its high flammability. 
  • Souffle fabric remains unique and striking fabric despite its short-lived popularity in the fashion industry. 
Souffle Fabric History

What makes it stand out


The fabric has a sheer, lightweight, and fine texture.


Souffle fabric has minimal stretch and can be worn with comfort. 

Application and usage


Ballet, theater, lingerie, etc. 

Home Furnishing

Cushion covers, curtains, etc. 

Care instructions

  • Wash the fabric with delicate detergent.
  • Do not iron the fabric
  • Let it dry in the air
Souffle Fabric Care-Instructions



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