Textiles India 2K17 "Symphony of Weaves" Highlights

Textiles India 2K17 "Symphony of Weaves" Highlights - Fabriclore

The most awaited event of this year - Textiles India 2017 was a runaway success both in terms of fashion and textile promotion. Commenced on 30th June 2017, the event went on for three days at the Mahatma Mandir and Helipad ground, Gandhinagar

The mega event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who emphasised on the importance of value chain from “Farm to Fibre, Fibre to Factory, Factory to Fashion, Fashion to Foreign Exports.”

A major highlight of this event for all the fashion fanatics was the exquisite fashion show “Symphony Of Weaves,” which was produced and curated by IMG Reliance Industries Ltd. Inspired by the seven key musical notes that form the sargam, this event showcased the entire spectrum of Indian textiles - Cottons, Silks, Wools, Embroidery, Hand-Dyed and Hand printed, Modern and Futuristic Sustainable Textiles.

Here are some of the unique designs we absolutely can't stop crushing over: 

Anavila Mishra – Story of cotton

A budding fashion designer, trademarked for mixing fashion with comfort, Anavila Mishra’s unique blend of modern designs with soft linen makes her sarees stand out from the rest. This was quite evident in the fashion show where she showcased the history of cotton with these spectacular designs.Light, soft and pastel, these designs is what we need in our wardrobes ASAP!


Source: Anavila Mishra  

Chaman Siju – Artisans of Kutch

A master in his art, Chaman Siju’s collection was dominated by some soothing cotton masterpieces. The collection reflected the history and tradition of Kutch adorned with a subtle modern blend. It’s interesting how apart from the conventional ways, a simple saree is now being worn in hundreds of ways! 

Source: Chaman Siju

Wendell Rodricks – Goa Kunbi Cotton Handlooms

One of the most well-known designers in India, Wendell Rodricks went back to his roots to bring out the rich Goan heritage by showcasing Goa Kunbi Cotton Handlooms. Kunbi is a goan tribe; where women wear checkered sarees whilst working on paddy fields in Goa. This brought, not only the textile in the limelight but also the history of a tribe which has been around for ages. 

Source: Wendell Rodricks 

Shruti Sanchiti – Handlooms from Jharkhand

Shruti Sanchiti, displayed classic Jharkhand handlooms in cotton and silk which showed the immense talent of the artisans behind this weave, from a new perspective. The regal look depicted in the designs make us very keen to look out for these fabrics and the creativity that flows!  

Source: Shruti Sanchiti

Raw mango (Sanjay Garg) – Chanderi Benaras Silk

Having been from a humble background himself, Sanjay Garg prefers to work with local, traditional hand weavers who specialise in chanderi benarasi silk fabrics. His creativity sanctified with immense skill and hard work was displayed at the event, which was a major statement in itself. His collection displayed a classic range of aesthetic golds and browns which gave the whole collection a royal vibe. After all, what could’ve possibly gone wrong? Chanderi silk is a beauty in itself!  

His collection displayed a classic range of aesthetic golds and browns which gave the whole collection a royal vibe. After all, what could’ve possibly gone wrong? Chanderi silk is a beauty in itself!  

Source: Sanjay Garg

Tarun Tahiliani – Gotta Patti Handcrafted Embroidery

Pioneer of Indian bridal wear, fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani displayed an awe-inspiring collection of lehengas, all handcrafted in Gotta Patti embroidery.

Gotta Patti embroidery, originally from Rajasthan, uses small pieces of zari ribbons that are applied onto the fabric with the edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns.

We’re sure, Tarun Tahiliani in his designs craftily made every Indian bride-to-be, very ambitious of her dream lehenga! Hell, even we are going Bazookas over these indescribable ethnics!  

Source: Tarun Tahiliani

 Anita Dongre - Benaras Handlooms with Gota Patti Handicraft Embroidery

Business Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, Anita Dongre showed her designs in Benaras Handlooms and Gota Patti Embroidery. Benaras handloom silk ornamented with Rajasthani Gotas was truly a master stroke. The rich golden silk along with Gota Patti embroidery on a white palette is a perfect representation of fusing two ancient cultures in a fantastic new remix. Oh, how we wish we could grab hold on one of these! 

Source: Anita Dongre

 Ritu Kumar – Varanasi Weaves

Designer Ritu Kumar showcased the classic weaving designs from a city blessed with an ever long history and rich weaving textiles  - Banaras. Coated in reds, pinks, orange and mustard, the models wore gorgeous lehengas, displaying the work of the skilled handcrafters from the city. Truly, a show stopper bridal essential for all us dreamers!


Source: Ritu Kumar 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee- Zardozi and Benarasi Collection

Adored for using unconventional fabrics, texturing and detailing, Sabyasachi is known for his patchwork with embellishments and fusion style of designing. Following his patent style, he presented his work with Zardozi Embroidery and Handlooms from Benaras in bright tones of greens, pinks and blues. The designs clearly prove that there is much more in the fashion industry that is going to leave us spellbound.

Zardozi embroidery, originally from Persia was essentially a metal art where gold and silver Zari were weaved and embroidered together to create garments for the kings and queens. With a royal history to the art, the display of Sabyasachi’s creations was amazing!    

Source: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Manish Malhotra – Chickenkari Embroidery

Perhaps one of the most well-known designers in the country, Manish Malhotra displayed Lucknow’s Chicken embroidery in his charming bridal wear range here at Textiles India.

The collection was dipped in glitzy hues of silvers and whites adorned with capes, fringes and more. It was pure joy to see such simple, everyday embroidery, usually done of soft pastel cotton, be transformed into such heavy, regal, glamorous bridal wear.

Source: Manish Malhotra

Vineetrahul -  Hand Block Prints from Bagh, Madhya Pradesh

Label Vineetrahul displayed Bagh Prints, which is a traditional hand block printing technique done with wooden blocks and natural colours, practised in Bagh District, Dhar in Madhya Pradesh. Its name was derived from the village Bagh situated on the banks of the river Baghini.  

This handicraft when fused with everyday dresses, skirts and tunics actually do provide a major inspiration to us, as originally they were predominantly restricted to ethnic ensembles. Fashion inspiration right here! 


Source: Vineetrahul

Gaurang Shah - Jamdani Weave of Andhra Pradesh

A self-taught fashion Entrepreneur, Gaurang Shah blessed our eyes with displaying Jamdani handicraft of Andhra Pradesh.

Acknowledged as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO, the traditional art of weaving Jamdani is truly one of the finest muslin textiles.

This intricate weave was displayed in a wide range of multihued lehengas and sarees, with both- sophisticated and gorgeous patterns.

Source: Gaurang Shah

Abraham & Thakore – Recycled Textiles

Two masterminds in one- Abraham & Thakore showed us how old textiles can be reused and recycled to create picture-worthy western as well as ethnic attires. Apart from the obvious glamorous charm, it is a message to all of us; new things can be created from reusing the most mundane of things. It’s just up to us to think in a different way!

Source: Abraham Thakore 

Payal Khandwala- Bhagalpur Silk Handlooms

Payal Khandwala, characterised by her block coloured clothes that are both simple and strong, displayed her strengths in Bhagalpur Silk handlooms.

Celebrated by the name of Tussar Silk, these handlooms are an age-old Indian craft rooted in the Bhagalpur Village, mainly used for creating sarees and suits. 

With its ultra-modern look and indo-western blends, Payal Khandwala showcased supreme designs in a wide range of colours, truly, what an inspiration!

Source: Payal Khandwala 

Prama by Pratima Pandey – Maheshwar Handloom

Kudos to Pratima Pandey’s designing flair! We love how she gave the rich Maheshwar Handlooms a subtle touch of embroidery in her collection. Dipped in tones of off-white, beige and golds, the outfits are just what you need for making a summer style statement. Teamed with dupatta capes and palazzo pants, these kurtas can be accessorised in a thousand ways depending on the occasion!

Source: Pratima Pandey 

Samant Chauhan  - Bhagalpur Silk

Samant Chauhan has created a niche in the designing industry with his out-and-out ivory white Bhagalpuri Silk and red combinations! His exclusivity was blooming on the ramp too! From asymmetrical gowns and long jackets to kurtis, his touch of individuality was clearly visible in every outfit designed.

A great initiative by the government indeed, the event was undoubtedly a moment of pride for us! Blessed with a rich heritage of craft and culture, India is certainly the pinnacle of creativity when it comes to designing. Moreover, the involvement of such leading Indian designers, threaded by the mega event “Symphony of Weaves” is a thought that deserves our ovation. Blessed are we to witness such creativity that can flow from Indian textiles! Truly our eyes were on a huge feast!

Source: Samant Chauhan



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