A Pure Cotton Weave - Mangalgiri

A Pure Cotton Weave - Mangalgiri - Fabriclore

Drawing its name from the town Mangalgiri in Andhra Pradesh, this age-old fabric has been incessantly crafted by the weavers for the past 500 years. A pure cotton weave, this fabric is a perfect summer pick for it is the softest and light cotton variation ever!  


Weaving Process 

The pure cotton yarns are first dipped in boiling water to remove the impurities, then soaked and rinsed overnight. The yarns are then sent for dyeing and finally washed again.

The pre-loom process of this heavenly handloom starts with the winding of the yarns into warp and wefts then spraying rice conjee onto the yarn to make it suitable for weaving. What makes it beautifully identifiable is the dual textured shine attained by weaving gold and silver zari yarns along with the cotton ones!

Fab Inspiration:

Breezy summer-blooming Sarees:

Mangalgiri, with its characteristic dual tone is a unique fabric that instantly catches eyes the second you wear it. Added to it charm is the fact that it can be dyed into a wide range of colours and almost any kind of craft can be bestowed upon it.

If you’re trying out for something unconventional, you can pair Mangalgiri sarees with solid colour crop tops and accessorise with gold or silver junk jewellery depending upon the colour of the zari used.

With so many varieties and options available through Mangalgiri handlooms, it is not impossible to imagine why this fabric is loved by so many saree wearers.


Astonishing dresses for every occasion:

For all the zest-filled fashion lovers around, it is a known fact that with a little something on the eyes and lips, propped up by some footwear and accessories, all dresses can instantly be glammed up for a party or changed for a nice garden walk.

Such is the case with Mangalgiri dresses. Although not conventional, it is something that will charm everyone around for there is a lot of creativity involved.

With its rich ethnic colours and subtle style, it surely is the right way forward in terms of funky indo- western apparel.

What’s more, old Mangalgiri sarees can also be transformed into beautiful dress outfits!

Recycling at its final form!

Dupattas with a captivating flare 

Since the fabric is extremely summery in nature, teaming them with any suit is going to add a verve to your outfit. The classic check weaves come out really well on these dupattas and instantly give a rich look and feel of Indian Handloom! If you want to go for a scarf, a little touch of fusion with tassels or pom-poms hooked on the edges, can amplify your look!



A heavenly summer saver, an inspiration for many designers, beautiful in touch and looks, Mangalgiri handloom is what we need in our designs now! Shop for these beauties here at Fabriclore

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