Fashion Influencers in UK

How Fashion Influencers in UK are Changing the Industry

How Fashion Influencers in UK are Changing the Industry

As a result of fashion influencers in UK, the industry has been streamlined and made more accessible to a wider audience. Both businesses and consumers alike turn to fashion influencers and other influential people in the industry for style guidance.

London is also the fashion center of the UK, and the city is home to a large number of successful influencers who made their name in the industry via their fashion.

This week's On Our Radar focuses on influential women in UK high street fashion. These women bring the high street right to your doorstep by posting blogs, vlogs, and Instagram photos of the latest and greatest fashion trends as soon as they hit the stores. From YouTube hauls to red carpet fashion, these women love to flaunt their favored items for their millions of viewers. We've selected the top people to watch in the world of high street fashion.

Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah-Ashcroft fashion influencer in UK

Sarah Ashcroft, a blogger from Buckinghamshire who is also partly Australian, uses the alias That Pommie Girl on the site she created to show off her growing collection of fashionable clothing. Ashcroft not only vlogs about her own fashion sense but also shares lookbooks from retailers like Forever 21 and Missguided and exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from her trips.

Lily Melrose

Lily-Melrose fashion influencer in UK

We've been readers of Lily Melrose, a fashion influencer and YouTuber living in Brighton, since she first started posting online. She updates her millions of followers on her blogs with travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips. She and her blogging buddies are regulars at the fashion week events. Her Instagram and YouTube are both stuffed with high street favorites like ASOS and boohoo shipments.

Kavita Donkersley

Kavita-Donkersley fashion influencer in UK

After ten months of traveling, Kavita Donkersley is back to writing and expressing her distinctive style on social media. Since coming home, Donkersley has expanded her website to include sections on lifestyle and travel, but she still devotes the most of her time to her original love: providing her numerous readers with the latest in personal style and fashion.

Alexandria Light

Alexandria-Light fashion influencer in UK

Former HELLO! Fashion Monthly Online Editor Alexandra Light has left her post to explore freelancing opportunities and devote more time to her blog, What Alex Wears. She has worked at the magazine for seven years, rising to the position of Contributing Editor before deciding to leave to focus solely on her blog and its readership.

Yasmine Chanel

Yasmine-Chanel fashion influencer in UK

Irish-born Londoner Yasmine Chanel, better known as "Yasmin" or "Yas," is a fashion influencer with a massive online following. She has been seen in designs from, Missguided, and Topshop, among others, on the red carpet.

Mpho Lebajoa

Mpho-Lebajoa fashion influencer in UK

Mostly self-taught, she has become an online fashion icon by posting photos of her handmade creations. After gaining thousands of followers on Instagram, Lebajoa decided to start a blog in 2016 to share her high street favorites with her audience.

Megan Ellaby

Megan-Ellaby fashion influencer in UK

Manchester-based Blogger and independent stylist Megan Ellaby. Pages by Megan is the name of her blog and YouTube channel, where she discusses all things related to style, food, travel, and lifestyle. Ellaby likes to combine high and low-end clothes by shopping both at high-end boutiques and on the high street.

Alicia Roddy


Writer, YouTuber, and Instagrammer Alicia Roddy (aka Lissy Roddy) has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across her many online profiles. Whether it's Roddy's pink Puma sneakers on Instagram or her Topshop, Zara, H&M, and Mango hauls on YouTube, she's someone to keep an eye on for the latest in high street fashion.


Is the UK famous for fashion?

The United Kingdom is synonymous with the fashion industry. The United Kingdom has a long history of pioneering fashion and is home to a wide variety of looks, from the Mackintosh to the bowler hat and the kilt.

Who is the biggest fashion influencer in the UK?

There are many fashion influencers in UK, starting from Samantha Maria to Noorie Ana. Stating anyone would not be possible as there are so many fashion influencers in UK who are leading the industry.


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