Feel The Luxury With Saint Laurent

Feel The Luxury With Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is a French luxury fashion brand founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1962, in Paris. Its specialization is in ready-to-wear clothing, leather accessories, and footwear. Moreover, there is a cosmetic line of YSL beauty that is owned by L'Oreal.   

Sneak-Peak In The Past

Sneak-Peak In The Past

The most famed Saint Laurent after its establishment got designing its logo in the year 1963 by A.M. Cassandre. During the years 1960 and 1970 beatnik look, tight pants, and thigh-high boots were admired a lot. Later, in the year 1966 YSL started producing ready-to-wear collections and launched the Rive Gauche fragrance.     

Sneak-Peak In The Past

A specialty of the YSL designs was that they were inspired by traditional Chinese clothing as well as pop art, Ballet Russes, and Picasso. They started clothing with broad, shoulder-padded styles in the year 1978, which are still in trend. 

Sneak-Peak In The Past

Saint Laurent expanded its brand name during the period 1980s and the 1990s. With men’s and women’s fragrances and also its cosmetic line in 1978. Later in 1999, on one hand, Kering bought YSL and appointed Tom Ford to design a ready-to-wear collection. On the other hand, YSL continued designing for the haute couture collections. In 2001 and 2004, Tom Ford's designs for YSL were chosen as the dress of the year by the Fashion Museum.    

Brand Going To Dust

Brand going to Dust

In 2002, Saint Laurent's health started degrading and he went under depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, and criticism for YSL designs. Due to his poor health, he closed the couture division of YSL. 

In 2004 Tom Ford left the company and in his place, Stefano Pilati became the fashion designer and creative director. Then in 2008, Saint Laurent died because of brain cancer, which was very disturbing for the whole company and this resulted in the closure of  YSL stores. All the stores in the US market, New York, Chicago, and the main stores were closed.   

Rolling Up Sleeves

Rolling up sleeves

In 2016, Anthony Vaccarello became the new creative director and till now he is the essence of the company. He is continuing the legacy with the logo as an accessory on every item.  And it gave rise to YSL again in fashion shows and the heart of everyone. 

Fall 2022 Ready-to-wear Collection 

Fall 2022 Readdy-to-wear Collection

It was the most memorable show of all time, Anthony Vaccarello recreated the 90s Belgian cool fashion, with long silhouettes and subtle colors. Not only this but fake fur coats, bombers, narrow shoulder leather coats, turtle neck t-shirt dresses, and many more. All these attires were going along with their name ready-to-wear. 

Footwear Collection

Footwear Collection

Saint Laurent produces one or two show designs for the four haute couture shows every year. And all these are made in-house. They have a team of five and are led by Alexander Narcy.  The unique quality of their footwear is that every collection is different, a few collections are made from satin silk also.   


Is YSL considered a luxury?

Yes, Since 1961, Yves Saint Laurent also known as YSL, is considered a french luxury fashion house. It is considered one of the world’s topmost fashion houses for its modern and iconic pieces such as tuxedo jackets for women, and much more. 

Which is more expensive YSL or Louis Vuitton?

Although the price of both brands is pretty much similar, still Louis Vitton bags are a little bit more expensive than YSL. 

Who is the founder of Saint Laurent?

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé are the founders of YSL. 


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