Lagos Fashion Week: A Quixotic World

Lagos Fashion Week: A Quixotic World

Wondering where you can find culture and modern touch of clothing in one place?

Lagos Fashion Week is an annual multi-day clothing trade show, that takes place in Lagos, Nigeria, and was founded by Omoymi Akerele in 2011. Lagos city has a different magnetism in itself. Over here you will find multiculturalism and also a rise in businesses.    

It is a platform that exhibits African designers' collections to media, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts. Not to a surprise but more than 60 designers are represented and over 12,000 people visit each season. Moreover, the main mission of this fashion exhibition is to support, creativity, and craftsmanship, while exploring artisanal skills in African fashion. 


The pandemic couldn’t stop the fire burning inside the heart of crafty designers. Although. There was a restriction on physical shows in 2020. However, with the help of technology, intimate presentations, and physical runways at the Federal Palace Hotel In Lagos, Fashion Week was more exceptional than ever.       

The events of the last year inspired many designers and many turned to the Nigerian End SARS protests against police brutality. Which took place a year ago at Lagos Fashion Week 2021, while others went under losses from the pandemic and were more focused on themes of healing and surviving. 

The collection that will drive you crazy!

Cynthia Abila


A Nigerian designer traveling and exploring the diverse culture of the world started creating opulent aesthetic color schemes and unique fabrication. All her designs are highly influenced by the culture of south-south and south-eastern Nigeria. Moreover, her brand also promotes local production and the preservation of centuries-old techniques of handmade fabric production.    

In Lagos Fashion Week her show was opened with a model wearing a unique mask on her face and a layered multicolored gown that seemed to draw its inspiration from traditional Nigerian masquerades, and drums gave the tranquil vibe. 

Emmy Kasbit

Emmy Kasbit

Emmy Kasbit is a brand founded by its creative head Okoro Emmanuel in January 2014. All its designs are inspired by architecture, sartorial dressing, and traditional craftsmanship. Moreover, the brand actively engages with local artisans from the eastern region of Nigeria. The motive was to create something modish from the traditional staples for the new African man.  

Not to forget, Emmanuel Okoro won the inaugural African Fashion Up prize in partnership with Balenciaga in September. After this, he released his collection in Lagos. His collection was inspired by the Nigerian-Biafran civil war, which continued from 1967 till 1970. Okoro drew the colors of the Biafran flag as the foundation of the collection. The colors of the flag were red, yellow, black, and green. Furthermore, the collection was sumptuous with neon jackets with strategically placed gashes, bucket hats, and short-sleeve shirts paired with ties and shorts. Moreover, few clothes were printed on locally sourced cotton and the text was from the bunker of Ojukwu, the leader of the Biafran war. It shows the richness of traditions and the preservation of culture.   

Lagos Space Programme


A blend of science, fiction, and creativity! 

The man who should be appreciated behind the exceptional designs of the Lagos Space Programme is Adeju Thompson. He created a gender-neutral fashion label, and its focus is more on craft such as Japanese and African typologies. Moreover, it is a return to the basic idea of durable, long-lasting clothing and artisanal sensibilities that are sustainable.

In addition, his latest collection was inspired by the centuries-old, gender-fluid Gélédé rituals of Thompson’s Yoruba ancestors. In which indigo color was a representation of water. Moreover, there were carefully designed flowy culottes styled with voluminous indigo shirts, coats, and deconstructed gowns.   

Andrea Iyamah


Dumebi Iyamah, a Nigerian fashion designer behind the brand Andrea Iyamah. All her fashionable clothing is inspired by colors and ethnic cultures. Apart from this, she is popular for her eccentric and unique designs of swimwear with vibrant colors and cuts inspired by an array of African cultures. Moreover, the brand is also specialized in ready-to-wear and custom-made special event dresses. It is a blend of retro and various cultural backgrounds, inspiring the colors and themes of the first official swimwear collection.    

In Lagos Fashion Week she showcased her collection in front of very few guests. And chose an earthy color palette, the collection delved into the art of healing and thriving in uncertain times. On the one hand, flowy dresses evoked goddess, and on the other halter tops and swimsuits in bold colors depicted life before the pandemic. 

Odio Mimonet


The creative director behind the brand Odio Mimonet is Odion Oseni. She has driven a true love of art to create pieces for the everyday woman that are wearable and unique. This year the collection expired the art of finding happiness and joy, regardless of the current situation. There is a mixture of primary colors with rich textures, all the dresses bring the Nigerian traditional silhouettes to real life. 




Where is Lagos Fashion Week 2022?

This year Lagos Fashion Week was held in the Federal Palace Hotel on Victoria Island.

How many times is Lagos Fashion Week held each year?

Lagos Fashion Week is the biggest fashion exhibition and is a four-day event that happens only once a year.

Who is the most famous designer in the Lagos Fashion Week?  

Few designers have crafted a new meaning of fashion and taken further the traditional roots of Africa. One of them is Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Tsemaye Binitie, and many others.  


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