Ho, Ho, Ho It's Christmas time

Ho, Ho, Ho It's Christmas time

Each and every family is curated with their own culture, tradition, and practices at home and the occasion of Christmas is the best opportunity to create this and circle it across the Christ. The festival of Christmas has a long and rich tradition that everyone cherishes each year. 

Besides being beloved in different religions, Christmas is known to be sacred for Christians and Catholics. The occasion is not just about exchanging gifts, it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus

The date on which Jesus was born is not known to anyone. During the early times, Christmas wasn’t celebrated on the date at which it is done now until the 4th century. 

It is said that Christmas is all about God sending his beloved son into this world as a part of inducing salvation in each of us. 

There are several rituals and customs that are related to Christmas, some state events occurred in the Bible while others are created by the Christians in order to make the celebration more joyful. Some rituals have their origin in pagan traditions which include kissing under the mistletoe, a plant that symbolizes fertility in pagan times. 

How do Christians celebrate Christmas?

There are several ways Christians celebrate the occasion. Let us see how they celebrate it!

Christingle Service

Christingle Service

The term ‘Christingle’ can be interpreted as ‘Christ light’ that has an origin in the Moravian church. Children are given a Christingle to hold and perform a candlelit procession across the church. 

Each Christingle has its different meaning, like- 

Orange - The Universe

Candle - The light of the World

Cocktail sticks - 4 seasons

Nuts and fruits - Admirable things that earth offers

The Nine Lessons and Carols

The Nine Lessons and Carols

The traditional service of Christmas in the churches begins with the carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem and continues with a bidding prayer where people bid to come and celebrate the christ’s birth. Further, it follows nine readings from the ‘Old and New Testaments’ which explain the covenant of God along with the Israelites than the Messiah’s promise. The tales of Jesus’s birth beginning from Mathew and Luke are narrated wherein the final reading is always the John’s Gospel. These readings are bestrewed with Christmas carols. 

Midnight Mass and Family service

Midnight Mass and Family service

Several Anglican Christians, as well as Roman Catholics, attend such service on Christmas Eve so that their day begins with a proper state of mind. 

Such denominations comprise special service on the morning of Christmas. Families sing Christmas carols and initiate bible reading based on Christmas stories. 



6 January is known as Epiphany which is the twelfth day of Christmas and marks the end of the Holiday season. The term Epiphany originated from the greek term which means ‘to show forth’. 

This date is marked as the visit of the Magi when Jesus was shown as God’s son in the family of non-Jews. Christian believe that this is momentous as it is the symbol that the birth of Jesus is significant not only to Jews but also to each and every one. 


Why does Christmas feel special?

Christmas brings you joy because you associate good times with the season. The brain's emotional response is based on nostalgic recollections of childhood joys like spending time with loved ones and the satisfaction of giving to others. 

What message does Christmas give us?

The message of Christmas is that God's plan and purpose will reach wherever there is hope, love, light, and life.


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