Why Fashion Brands Need Technical Support in Fabric Sourcing?

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Fabric Sourcing

From concept to creation, the journey of every garment begins with one crucial step: fabric sourcing. The exercise of choosing and fetching fabric for clothing or other textile products is Fabric Sourcing.

Fabric Sourcing

Some pressure points WHY a brand needs technical support in Fabric Sourcing

1. Risk of costly mistakes-

  •   Picking the wrong fabric can be a big mess, wasting materials and labor costs.
  •   Sometimes, a brand might be baffle between Performance V/S Aesthetic, a fabric that offers superior performance characteristics like breathability, durability, etc., and one with a more visually appealing aesthetic.

Making wrong choices and having confusion about fabric can be bank-breaking to brand.

2. Balancing sustainability with cost-

Now it is an era of Fashion where people are driven to sustainability, people prefer sustainable fashion. Sourcing eco-friendly fabrics often comes at a premium. The balance between sustainability and cost comes with its own set of challenges. Patagonia is a prime example of a brand struggling to balance sustainability with cost during fabric sourcing. 

Patagonia a renowned brand known for its strong commitment to sustainability prioritizes organic cotton and recycled materials. However, these options are typically more expensive than conventional materials like virgin cotton or polyester. This directly impacts the overall cost of production for Patagonia.

3. Minimum Order Quality-

Minimum Order Quantity can pose significant challenges for a brand in fabric sourcing. Small or emerging brands may struggle to meet high  MOQs set by suppliers, leading to excessive inventory costs and potential waste. Conversely, committing to large quantities without guaranteed sales can tie up capital and increase financial risk—additionally, high MOQs limit flexibility in responding to market changes or testing new designs. Thus, finding suppliers with manageable MOQs is crucial for maintaining financial health and operational agility.



How technical support can help a brand in Fabric Sourcing. 

Description of Fabric-

Each fabric has its own properties and applications, choosing the right fabric for the right thing is a crucial part of the Fashion industry and that is how a brand will exactly get content, weight, weave, performance, structure, breathability, durability, etc. of fabric can technically support brands in choosing and finding the right fabric for the process of creation of apparel. It saves the cost and time of the brand.

Top-grade products-

Delivering superior quality products at the right price helps the brand to maintain its brand image and reputation in the market. Consumers prefer quality products and it's easy as ABC to draw consumer attention toward the brand which ultimately enhances the sale and can be a reason for a long-lasting business. So, providers can support a brand by providing top-graded fabrics to brands.

Breakthrough Innovative stuff-  

Innovation and dynamic changes are part of the Fashion industry. Stay updated with trend to work on it, helps a brand to survive in competition. Manufacturers can collaborate closely with the brand to innovate new fabrics, adapt existing ones to meet emerging trends, and offer variety that allows brands to choose fabrics that align with their brand identity and targeted audience.

In closing, with the right technical support, fashion brands can turn challenges into opportunities. Technical support in fabric sourcing is crucial for fashion brands to avoid costly mistakes, balance sustainability with cost, manage MOQs, ensure high-quality products, and stay innovative. Strategic approach to fabric sourcing helps brands deliver exceptional products that resonate with consumers, driving growth and establishing a lasting presence in the competitive fashion industry.

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