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    The perfect fusion of lightweight and rich, Banarasi silk sarees have been a popular choice for brides, and have been around since the times of Rama and the Pandavas. The Rig Veda even has mentions of Weavers known as Tantuvayas in Banaras who wove Sarees made of Hiranya vastra, which means Golden cloth. Brocade, a special form of Banarsi fabric is woven using threads of pure gold and silver zari. The fabrics made by the artisans from Banaras, not only Banarasi Sarees and Banarasi silks, but even their cotton fabrics were famous worldwide. Banarasi silk was a cloth fit for kings, and the Ramayana mentions the King of Lanka, Raavan and his royal family adorning themselves with garments made of golden cloth which was what Banarasi Silk and Banarasi silk sarees were known as in ancient literature.

    Banarasi Sarees are woven with extreme precision, and an ideal Saree consists of 5600 thread wires which are at least 45 inches wide. At least three artisans are involved in the making of any Banarasi silk Saree, as the first step involves making the thread or the yarn. Following this, the yarn is dyed with the vibrant colours that we associate with Banarasi Sarees. Then, the design for the saree is drawn on graph paper, which is traced onto perforated punch cards to be inserted into the Pit loom to guide the weavers. The artisans may take anywhere between 15 days to 6 months to finish a single saree, depending upon the intricacy of the design. Pure Banarasi Sarees and Bridal Banarasi Sarees may even take up to a year to complete, owing to the elaborate designs. While Banarasi silk sarees are a classic choice, their heaviness puts off new wearers. For a first time buyer, Fabriclore offers options such as Chiffon Banarasi sarees and Georgette Banarasi sarees, which are made with lighter fabrics. A good choice for those looking for a less expensive variant is the Katan Silk Banarasi Sari.


    Whether you are a veteran saree wearer or you’re just starting to build your saree collection, Banarasi sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe! Whether it’s a pure Banarasi silk saree or the lighter, Banarasi Cotton saree version, the Banarasi saree is a gem in your closet. And if you are a Bride-to-be, do opt for a Banarasi saree for your wedding, and dazzle like royalty on your big day!

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