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Kota Doria Sarees

    7 products

    7 products

    Kota Doria itself is a symbol of its origin. Its name was taken from a small town Kota, Rajasthan where it has been practiced for generations. The existence of this fabric is proof that handcrafted products are impeccable in comparison to machine-made products.

    It is a versatile fabric that is perfect for casual wear as well as formal wear. The beautifully crafted colorful Rajasthani Kota sarees can be worn at different kinds of events. The ethereal and lightweight Kota Doria Saree is a must-have outfit in your wardrobe.

    At Fabriclore, the collection of Kota sarees is earnestly handpicked to suit the trends, the craft itself embodies a distinct check pattern obtained by the weaving process. The Kota Cotton sarees are woven with 100% pure yarns and can easily be dyed in any color.

    You can design your own outfit by buying online Kota sarees at our website with less effort.