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Power Quilts Fabric - Fabriclore

Power Quilts Fabric

    5 products

    5 products

    Fabriclore brings you, for the very first time, pre-quilted fabrics in our Power Quilt Collection. Embrace the power of voluminous silhouettes with the warm cosy feel of a quilt.

    The evergreen trend of quilted clothes, mainly the puffer jackets can now be crafted into one-of-a-kind attires. Quilting fabric online can be made into Jackets, A-line skirts, Trench coats, Vests, Dresses, Home decor & even DIY accessories like handbags, caps & more with our quilted fabrics.

    Fabriclore's Quilted Fabric is made of three layers including a top handcrafted fabric, middle cotton wadding & bottom base fabric. The cotton wadding offers insulation for additional warmth & durability. one of the most commonly used quilting material is quilting cotton fabric. However, quilting with linen & quilted velvet is also popular. Various stitching patterns bind the three layers together, making beautiful patterns on the fabric. Modern quilting patterns include waves, stripes, abstract & more geometric designs.