Sustainable Fashion: Antar Agni by Ujjawal Pandey

Sustainable Fashion: Antar Agni by Ujjawal Pandey

A surge of anti-fit fashion that highlighted material excellence rippled in the high-end designer label segment as the desire for relaxed silhouettes overlaid the propensities towards purchasing fashion that sustains for longer and speaks for itself. The trend quickly developed into a sustainable fashion movement that is still growing organically. Ujjawal Dubey, a Gen-Next star behind the brand Antar-Agni, is one such designer who supports this variety of apparel while deftly combining various textures, fabric manipulation, and design elements to produce a single, flowing form without cinching and tucking.

Antar-Agni, which means "the fire inside," was established in March 2014. It is a viewpoint that emphasises two extremes: to break free and yet accept the commonplace. The viewpoint is founded on an insatiable need to learn more about human nature via aesthetics and antar agni clothing.

Brand Story And Achievements

Brand story and achievements

The brand is centred on the human self and how emotions, psychology, behaviour, and experience are expressed. At Lakme Fashion Week 2014, he showed his first collection in the Gen-Next section. Anti-fit draperies and flexible silhouettes have been their defining features from their very first collection. He described his creation as a representation of the chaos that permeates all human brains.

The Grazia Young Fashion Awards recognised his skill and named him the Best Upcoming antar agni designer for Menswear in 2015 as the brand's popularity and development increased. In 2016, he was named one of the "50 Most Influential Young Indians" by GQ, and he received the Elle Graduate Award. In 2017, Forbes India magazine included him on their list of "30 under 30."

Brand received honours for the menswear division of the 2017–18 International Woolmark Prize.

Unique Fabric

Unique fabric

The usage of fabric to highlight the distinctiveness of the garment is the brand's distinguishing feature. The strategy used by this company is to highlight the fabric as well as the layers, drapes, and graphic compositions that create a colour block, allowing wearers to more closely relate to our mood. The brand uses a wide range of handcrafted textiles and all-natural materials since they have a natural look and have a lot of character that is just waiting to be discovered.

An interest for structures led to the brand's entire design language taking shape as antar agni designers experimented with clean cuts, tiered placements, and reinforcements to balance the weight of the curtains. And now it tends to focus on developing an anti-fit trademark silhouette that exhibits flowing drapes in solid colours.

Natural Textile Sourcing

Natural textile sourcing

Antar-Agni employs handwoven cotton and cotton and silk mixes for their clothing. The brand has been experimenting with combinations of lycra, zari, and linen materials with delicate ari embroidery. Additionally, the antar agni works with Andhra Pradesh-based Malkha cloth and has partnered with master weavers in cities like Meerut and Bhagalpur. 70% of the textiles source for the label through craft hubs like Maheshwar, Meerut, Bhagalpur, and Andhra Pradesh.

An Unique Collection

An unique collection

The collection "Slate" was created as a contrast between fluidity and rigidity. It is a resonance of their collective acceptance of it as well as a visual depiction of the variations of our thinking. The new collection plays with the stark contrast between black and ecru, as well as with the distinctive stitched pleats and delicate layering.

Approach Towards The Sustainability

Approach towards the sustainability

The label recently unveiled the initiative "Restore Love," which was inspired by the pressing need to reconsider people's priorities and challenge the fashion industry's consumption, in an effort to contribute to the overall sustainable clothing and conscious fashion that the industry so desperately needs. Restoring Love appeared to be the right line of action to alter the trajectory that nature had required.

Through this, the brand is requesting that consumers email old Antar-Agni clothes or pictures of them that have faded and need to be re-dyed, are ripped, or need any kind of changes. At a very low cost, the crew will repair these items. When the antar agni staff first gets the items from the owner, they work with them to better understand the consumer's needs and what precisely they are trying to solve in the piece of clothing before making any adjustments.


Why is sustainable fashion important?

There are several reasons why sustainability is vital, including: Environmental quality - We need pure air, untouched resources, and a nontoxic environment in order to create healthy communities. Sustainable companies put an emphasis on quality, employing long-lasting materials and finishes that are also kind to the environment.

What are the cons of sustainable fashion?

The end cycle of clothing can significantly alter the equation, even if one makes an effort to be sustainable. Unfortunately, the majority of textile waste is burned or carelessly thrown in landfills. These two things endanger the environment by polluting the air and the land. Further, people are slow adapters when it comes to sustainable fashion. It also makes the clothing line expensive and limited.

Can fashion be ethical and sustainable?

Around the last few years, ethical and sustainable fashion has gained popularity all over the world. A method to sourcing, producing, and designing clothing that optimises benefits to the industry and society at large while minimising negative effects on the environment is known as ethical and sustainable fashion.


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