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What is Burlap Fabric?

  • Jute is the plant from which burlap, a durable natural material, is derived. 
  • Because it is sturdy and long-lasting, it can be woven into a wide variety of clothing and craft items. 
  • Burlap fabric is often offered in natural and brown tones, but it can also be dyed into various hues. 
  • It is a very eco-friendly fabric that can break down naturally and is not harmful to the surrounding ecosystem in any way.
Burlap Fabric


  • People living in India have long used jute, although only in tiny amounts, for things like rope and paper.
  • As soon as English merchants realized the potential of the plant, they started shipping out significant amounts of it. In 1793, the East India Company sent one hundred tons of goods to Great Britain. Some jute was sent to Dundee, which is located in Scotland. There, researchers finally developed a method to spin jute yarn in large quantities.
  • In the nations where jute was produced, it became a major export. It was in Calcutta, not far from the plant's origin when the country's first jute mill was built in 1855.
  • Mills started to spring up in the area, and by 1869, there were five mills with more than 1,000 looms functioning in that part of the globe. It wasn't long before India took over the global jute business once a method for producing higher quality burlap was discovered.
  • By 1939, India had as many as 68,000 looms running at full capacity, making it the world's largest jute producer.
  • When the Indian subcontinent was split up in 1947, India lost access to jute-growing areas that had been in Pakistan.
Burlap Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out?


The open weave of burlap makes it an interesting textural fabric


The tensile strength and tear resistance of burlap are the characteristics that make it stand out.


Burlap can stand continuous wetting and drying without losing its tensile strength. 

Applications & Uses

Home Furnishing 

Curtains, cushions, table mats, etc.


Ribbons, gift bags, shade cover, wall hanging, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Hand-wash the fabric with lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent.
  • First, thoroughly rinse the burlap, and then dry it flat.
  • Stains should not be scrubbed. Remove any stains with a sponge and allow them to dry.
Burlap Fabric
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