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Glazed Cotton Fabric - Fabriclore

Glazed Cotton Fabric

What is Glazed Cotton ?

  •  Glazed cotton is plain woven fabric .It has smooth and lusture surface given by glazing finish .
  • Specialized metal rollers called friction calender rubs the fabric lusture.

What Makes it Stand Out

  • Its glazed finish 
Texture  Soft & smooth
Fall Good fall
Shine Subtle sheen
Sheer Opaque


 Printed glazed cotton fabric

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Applications & Usage

  • Used in making apparel and home furnishing like curtains .
Apparel Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories -


Care Instructions

  • Use luke warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Remove from the dryer , while still damp and press from the wrong side with a medium iron.

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