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217 products

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Buying unstitched salwar kameez fabrics is a usual yet significant thing in south Asian culture. These unstitched suits come in a set of three consisting of fabrics reserved for salwar i,e the pant, kameez i.e, the shirt/tunic/kurta and lastly, the dupatta/scarf.

The salwar kameez is said to have originated from Persia but it has gained popularity in many south and central Asian regions. And with popularity, it evolved as a large number of different styles and works of salwar suits. Like how in India, people not only adapted to the clothing but created different versions of it which later became a part of their culture.

And here at Fabriclore, we bring you a wide range of unstitched salwar kameez material online. Be it the traditional types like the chikankari unstitched suits, Ajrak, Hand Applique, Mangalgiri, Akola and hand block printed unstitched dress material for women, or be it the digitally printed silk viscose dress material. We never let the lack of variety be a problem with us. Keeping in mind the need of people to express themselves through their attire, the different prints with different aesthetical themes are provided at Fabriclore. Not just the colors, prints and works on the unstitched suit material but the fabrics have a variety too, like Kota Doria, chiffon and cotton dress material. All you local boutique owners can let out a sigh of relief as well, as you can buy our unstitched suits wholesale too.Β 

Buying unstitched dress material online beats buying readymade ones because along with it being more convenient, it also supports slow fashion and gives one the full scope to manifest their individualistic designs and express themselves freely. One of the many pros of buying an unstitched salwar suit online is supporting your local businesses by going to your nearby tailor to get the unstitched suit stitched exactly the way you want it. Imagine yourself buying that cotton unstitched dress material online and by its arrival, you already have ideas and designs for each of your unstitched cotton suits. Maybe the hand block printed one can be cut till above your knees for all those casual workdays and getting the one with chikankari like a gown for your cousin’s wedding. Let the creativity flow and leave the material needs to us.

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