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    9 products

    In South Asian culture, purchasing unstitched salwar kameez materials is something that is common and important at the same time. These unstitched suits come in a set of three consisting of fabrics reserved for the salwar, i,e the pant, the kameez, i.e, the shirt or kurta, and lastly, the dupatta/scarf.

    The salwar kameez is claimed to have originated in Persia, but in recent decades, it has become more common in many parts of south and central Asia. And as it grew in popularity, it morphed into an enormous variety of distinct salwar kameez styles and designs. Such as how people in India not only adapted to the attire but also produced their own unique variations of it, which eventually got ingrained in their cultural practices.

    At Fabriclore, we provide a wide collection of unstitched salwar kameez materials online. Be it the traditional types like the chikankari unstitched suits, Ajrak, Hand Applique, Mangalgiri, Akola, and hand block printed unstitched dress material for women, or be it the digitally printed silk viscose dress material. We never let the lack of variety be a problem for us. Fabriclore caters to customers' desires to individually express themselves via the clothes they wear by stocking a variety of designs with a wide range of conceptually distinct aesthetic themes. 

    Not only is there a range of colors, designs, and patterns on the unstitched suit material, but there is also a diversity of fibers. For example, there is an unstitched cotton salwar suit with a dupatta and an unstitched Kota Doria suit. All of the owners of local boutiques may now breathe a sigh of relief as you can purchase our unstitched suits online at wholesale prices. 

    Buying unstitched dress materials online beats buying readymade ones because it is more convenient, but it also supports slow fashion and provides the opportunity for an individual to fully manifest their individualistic designs and freely express themselves. 

    One of the numerous benefits of purchasing an unstitched salwar suit is the opportunity to support local businesses in your community by taking the unstitched suit to a tailor in your immediate area to have it stitched precisely as you would want it to be. Let the creative juices run, and it's our responsibility to meet your material demands.