Baize Fabric

Baize Fabric

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What is Baize Fabric? 

  • Baize is a type of cloth that is woven and felted. It is often used to cover gaming tables. 
  • Felt and baize are both types of cloth that have a similar look and feel, yet they are constructed quite differently and are used for very different things. 
  • Wool fibers that have been woven and felted are the traditional components of baize. However, cotton or even synthetic fibers may also be used in lower-quality baize. 
  • Baize is traditionally dyed green, but it is feasible, in principle, to give this cloth any color that one could choose. 
  • The higher the percentage of wool, the higher the grade of baize that may be achieved.
Baize Fabric


  • The United Kingdom is the country that pioneered the use of this particular cloth. The name "baize" comes from French, and it is believed that this particular fabric was originally used in the year 1578. 
  • But it didn't become officially popular until 1783, when it started to be made on a commercial scale. 
  • This cloth was used in industrial applications, and there was no suitable alternative available. 
  • It was used to produce the garments that monks wore as well as the long-lasting outfits that warriors wore. 
  • The fabric was referred to as budget-friendly coarse broadcloth
  • It was first shown to the fashion industry by the Native North American market in the form of a lot of different things that looked appealing.
Baize Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


Baize is made from a mix of different kinds of wool, so it is very big and has thick fibers. 


The cloth can be relied on and is long-lasting. No matter how roughly you handle it, it will not deteriorate, fall apart, or snag even after being stored for twenty years or more.


The fact that it helps to preserve the natural world is without a doubt this material's most admirable characteristic.


Applications & Usage 

  • It is ideal for sewing projects. It can be used for fashion, millinery, soft furnishings, upholstery, curtains, car interiors, soundproofing, and wall coverings.

Care Instructions

  • Be careful to give it a thorough wash, either in a cycle designed for delicate fabrics or by hand using a mild detergent. 
  • It is best to hang it out to dry and refrain from folding it until it has entirely dried out. 
  • If you iron it, be careful not to ruin its texture, since this is a common mistake. 
  • Keep it away from open flames and any potentially dangerous chemicals, since both of these things may cause the fibers in baize fabric to catch fire. 
  • If you take good care of this fabric, it has the potential to outlive any other item of clothing or upholstery that you have ever owned that is made of fabric.

Baize Fabric

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