Bemberg Viscose Fabric

Bemberg Viscose Fabric

Bemberg Viscose Fabric

What is Bemberg-Viscose Fabric?

  • Bemberg- viscose is a type of rayon that is made out of special rayon yarn.
  • This fabric is widely used to line jackets and coats as well as to make presentation flags.
  • Bemberg viscose is also known as the king of lining. 
Bemberg-Viscose Fabric


  • Bemberg came into existence in the late 19th Century.
  • In 1928, research about this fabric started and in 1931 Asahi Kasei built a production plant for it. 
  • This cloth is adored by all designers for its ability to carry out their avant-garde creations.
Bemberg-Viscose Fabric

What makes it stand out

Absorbs Moisture

It may hold a lot of moisture before you start to feel damp.

Easy to Dye

This fabric's fibres are porous and react nicely to dyes of different hues.


This fabric has lovely drapes and flows so gracefully that it gives the outfit an opulent appearance.

Application And Usage 


Clothing lining, active wear and intimate wear 

Home Furnishing 

Bedding pads, Towels, insulation sheets etc. 

Care Instruction 

  • The majority of the Bemberg Fabric's articles must have a "dry-clean" label on them.
  • Do not use harsh wash.
  • In case of machine wash, be certain you use a mild, cold wash cycle.
Bemberg Viscose Fabric

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