Bombazine Fabric

Bombazine Fabric

What is Bombazine Fabric 

  • Bombazine is a twilled material that is made of silk or wool or cotton and wool
  • This fabric uses silk wrap and wortsed weft in production process,
  • The name of the fabric is derived from the french word ‘bombasin’ which used to refer to silk material.
Bombazine Fabric


  • Bombazine fabric originated in Elizabethan England during early 19th century,
  • This material gained high popularity during the 20th century as mourning fabric,
  • Black bombazine also got the place in England’s court during the end of 20th century,
  •  Currently, this fabric has very limited use and is produced in limited places around the world.
Bombazine Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Bombazine fabric has limited gloss yet soft texture and surface.


Owing to the twilling process, this fabric is highly durable in nature.

Color Resilient

This fabric soaks the hues very well in compared to other fabrics. 

Application And Usage 


Mourning dress, black robe, formal evening gowns etc. 


Lining material for jewellery boxes and caskets. 

Home furnishing 

Room decor, table lamp, curtains etc.

Care Instruction 

  • To wash the bombazine fabric, use gentle washing powder that retain its soft texture,
  • Avoid to use bleach as it could harm the hues of the fabric,
  • This fabric does not need any kind of dry cleaning.
Bombazine Fabric


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