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What is Camel Wool? 

  • Camel wool is a sort of cloth that is produced by spinning the hair from camels' coats. 
  • The Mongol Steppes are home to a large population of camels of this specific subspecies, and you can locate them in a vast range that stretches from Turkey to China and Siberia. 
  • Bactrian camels are distinguished from other types of camels by their long, glossy hair as well as their huge, dual humps. Most camels have shorter hair. 
  • The hair that is taken from the Bactrian camel is made up of two different parts: the guard hair and the undercoat. 
  • The guard hair is tough and coarse, and it does not create a fabric that is particularly nice on its own; rather, it is best when combined with another material, such as wool from sheep. 
  • This portion of a Bactrian camel's coat has two purposes: first, it shields the animal from the severe winters that occur in the Steppes; second, it gives Bactrian camels a thick and fuzzy look in the midst of the winter. 
  • The undercoat of Bactrian camels is highly fluffy, and they utilize it in much the same manner that people use fiberglass insulation in the space that exists between the interior and exterior walls of their homes. 
  • The section of the hair of a Bactrian camel that is used most frequently in the manufacturing of clothing is called the undercoat.
Camel Wool


  • Wool from camels has been used for such a long time that the Bible mentions it as a material that was used to make cloaks, carpets, and tents. 
  • At the very least, since the 17th century, people in the Western world have been making use of this fibre. In England, camel wool had a rapid surge in popularity around the end of the 19th century. 
  • At the time, polo was one of the most well-liked games in the British Empire, and practically immediately, camel hair coats became an inseparable part of the sport's irresistible style. 
  • Over time, more and more upper-class British men wore this fabric, and some collectors still want camel wool polo coats from the past. 
Camel Wool

What Makes it Stand Out 


Undercoat fibers are very soft , whereas guard coat fibers are coarse and rough to touch.


It is not suitable for draping.


Excellent insulating properties and is warm and comfortable.

Applications & Usage 


Shirts, coats, jackets, press cloths, etc.

Home Furnishing

Carpets, blankets, rugs, etc. 

Care Instructions 

  • Wool made from camel hair may be dry cleaned or washed by hand at home without risk. 
  • Soak in a wash basin filled with cold water and some wool soap for a while. 
  • Rub lightly, then rinse thoroughly with cold water while the faucet is running. 
  • Never hang dry. 
  • Steam can be used to remove creases in the finish most effectively and safely. 
  • Do not iron the rugs since doing so would ruin the natural pile that they have.

Camel Wool

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