Cotton Slub Fabric

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What is Cotton Slub Fabric?

  • Cotton slub is a type of cotton fabric that has a rough, uneven texture and a few small lumps and flaws.
  • These lumps are the result of an operation performed on the cotton before weaving, during which the cotton was twisted, resulting in the creation of uneven twists. The end product is a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that has a pleasant feel to it.
  • The fabric is floating and light, without clinging to the body.
Cotton Slub Fabric


  • Back in the 19th century when people still made textiles by hand, the word "slub" referred to the process of preparing the wool before it was spun into yarn.
  • When the yarn was created from wool by twisting the fibers of wool together by hand, various thicknesses would look uneven on the completed garment. These differences in thickness led to the term "a slub" being used to describe the appearance.
Cotton Slub Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


The slub cotton fabric has an uneven twist and ridges.


They can be draped easily


The stretchability of the fabric depends upon its knitting. For instance, the double-knit slub fabric is less stretchable than the single-knit slub fabric.


Applications & Usage


T-shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc.

Home Furnishing 

Cushion covers, bedsheets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Wash in the machine using cold water on the delicate cycle. 
  • Remember to separate light and dark colors.
  • Dry on a low setting in the dryer to preserve the fabric's texture.
  • If necessary, use a heated iron on the fabric.

Cotton Slub Fabric

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