Crepe Fabric

Crepe Fabric

What is Crepe?

  • Crepe is a woven fabric that has a unique rippling style with a 3-D texture.
  • Crepe is made with fibers like cotton, wool, polyester, or silk.
  • Outfits made from crepe are delicate and are mostly used on ceremonial occasions.
Crepe Fabric


  • Crepe fabric does not have any specific date mentioned in the history for its origin.
  • Many cultures have adopted crepe in one form or the other during human civilization. 
  • Like, females in Greek orthodox used to wear crepes for mourning. 
  • Crepe became famous outside its usage for mourning during the 19th century.  
  • The production of Crepes became rapid after Courtaulds, a UK-based company dominated the market with various experiments on the fabric with different weaving methods. 
History Of Crepe Fabric

Types of Crepe


This type of Crepe fabric has a gauze-like texture.

Baute Satin

This is a variety of French crepe which includes warp weaving along with reversed plain design. 

Canton Crepe

This unique crepe originated from China, can be seen in mostly Asian-inspired outfits. 

Crepe de Chine

It is a lightweight fabric that is made up of silk. 

Wool crepe

Wool Crepe has a rough and wiry surface with light to medium weight. 

Polyester crepe

It is a fabric that is made with synthetic polyester. Polyester crepe is lightweight and thin in appearance. 

Plissé crepe

This fabric is made by chemical treatment to make a crinkled appearance. 

Crepe charmeuse

It is a silk fabric that is made by using the satin weaving method and crepe yarns. 

What Makes it Special


Organic Crepe is naturally breathable, however, when blended with other fibers it provides decent ventilation.


Crepe fabric is a considerable option to wear on a hot day. 


Crepe has low heat resistance, specifically when blended with silk. 


Being able to create 3-D shapes, is one of the unique traits of Crepe fabric. 

Application & Usage 


Lining for garments, dresses, Sweaters, etc.


Scarfs, handkerchief, etc.


Curtain, pillow, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • Presently, crepe is used in decorative apparel as well as high fashion. 
  • Due to its uses in historical times, it has lost its essence. 
  • Often mixed with different fibers and weaving techniques, Crepe has a light and texture appearance which makes it useful in flowy outfits. 
Crepe Fabric Online

Care Instructions 

  • While washing the Crepe fabric use warm water.
  • Soak the fabric prior to washing for 5-7 minutes.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron the fabric directly, turn it upside down. 
  • In the case of silk crepe, use a cool iron and place a cloth between fabric and iron. 
Crepe Fabric
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Hi Bhimsen,
Crepe bandage is said to help with certain injuries. However, we suggest you consult a physiotherapist to get better guidance.

Bhimasen Chidambar Kulkarni

Bhimasen Chidambar Kulkarni

Please let me know is crepe bandage is good for Achilles tendon tear?

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