Greige Fabric

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What is Greige Fabric? 

  • Greige is a term that refers to a cloth that has not been bleached or colored and may either be knitted or woven.
  • At their most basic level, you could say that these textiles are in their natural or unfinished state.
  • Before dying and printing, gray materials are scrubbed (to make them clean) and occasionally bleached (to make them lose their original color).
  • Products labeled as "greige" are tainted with a wide variety of contaminants.
Greige Fabric

Process of Making Fabric

  • Remove any natural or man-made contaminants from the fibers, as well as any that were added during the manufacturing process and could cause problems with the dying and/or finishing processes.
  • This increases the capacity of the fibers to absorb dye and chemical solutions that are dissolved in water.
  • Fabrics should be given the right amount of brightness or whiteness based on what is needed, especially when bright or pastel colors are needed. 
Greige Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


It is slightly rough to touch.


The fabric has a natural color and appearance.

Applications & Usage 


Shirt, dresses, pants, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, bedsheets, table cloth, etc.


Tote bags, aprons, tentage, etc.


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