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What is Habutae Fabric? 

  • Habutae is a form of simple woven textile with warp and weft strands alternately interlaced. 
  • When the material is silk, it is called kokinu. In a regular plain weave, the warp and weft threads are the same size, but in habutae, they are woven with two smaller warp yarns for each larger weft yarn. 
  • This makes the fabric soft, light, and silky.
Habutae Fabric


  • People think that habutae, a traditional Japanese woven fabric, has its roots in the early modern period.
  • Beginning in 1877, people in Kyoto and Kiryu City, which is in Gunma Prefecture were encouraged to do research on how to make looms better.
  • Around the year 1887, manufacturing of habutae started in Kawamata-Cho, which is located in Fukushima Prefecture, as well as Ishikawa Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture.
  • During the Meiji period in Japan, habutae was the most important silk textile that the country exported.
  • It was shipped in large quantities to both Europe and the United States, which contributed to the expansion of Japanese industry.
  • One kind of habutae was intended for sale on the domestic market, while the other was intended for export. 
Habutae Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric is smooth, silky, and soft in texture.


Good drape


Habutae fabric when kept under sunlight shows a decent amount of shimmer. 


Slight sheer

Applications & Usage

  • It is most commonly used for lining, blouses, pareo, lingerie, and scarves.

 Care Instructions

  • If you choose, you may pre-wash the fabric using the same washing technique that you want to use for your daily wear outfit.
  • Dry cleaning is the only method that should be used on habutae as it is made entirely of silk.
  • Hang out to dry and use a dry iron.

Habutae Fabric

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