Peau de Peche

Peau de Peche

What is Peau de Peche?

  • The term originated from the French, meaning 'skin of peach'. 
  • It is a midweight polyester fabric that is processed in order to feel like the rind of a peach. 
  • The fabric is given a soft nap finish after weaving.
What is Peau de Peche?

What makes it stand out


The fabric has a soft texture, making it comfortable to wear. 


It can easily be draped around


Due to its weaving structure, the fabric is durable.

Application and usage


Shirt, blouses, saree, tops, etc.

Home furnishing

Cushion covers, curtains, blankets, etc.

Care instructions

  • Wash the fabric in a machine with warm water and a soft detergent.
  • Dry the fabric in the dryer using the low-temperature setting
Care instructions


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