Petersham Grosgrain Fabric

Petersham Grosgrain Fabric

What is Petersham Grosgrain Fabric? 

  • Petersham Grosgrain is a kind of fabric that may be identified by its ribbed appearance. 
  • Such texture is achieved by having weft threads that are heavier than the warp threads. 
  • It is most frequently used by milliners and tailors. 
  • Petersham in contrast to normal grosgrain has edges that are looped or scalloped rather than straight. 
Petersham Grosgrain Fabric


  • Petersham was first produced in England. 
  • The fabric was named after Viscount Petersham, an English nobleman who lived in the seventeenth century. 
  • It is credited with inventing an overcoat and breeches made of a specific thick woolen material with a circular nap surface. 
Petersham Grosgrain Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric has a rigid texture.


Petersham Grosgrain fabric is strong and durable in nature.

Applications & Usage 


Pants, trousers, shirts, skirts, etc

Home Furnishing

Cushion covers, curtains, blankets, etc.


Trims, accents, laces, hats, ribbon, etc.

Care Instructions 

  • It is recommended to wash the fabric in the washing machine with warm water.
  • You can tumble dry or drip the dry
  • The fabric can also be dry cleaned
Petersham Grosgrain Fabric

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