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What is Pintuck Fabric?

  • Pintucks are added to the fabric to give a texture to the fabric by adding it in different ways.
  • They are often used in multiple rows and at different widths to create different directional effects.
  •  It is created by folding 1-2mm and sewing the fabric from the edges.
  • It is done to decorate the fabric surface by this technique, but no functional use.
  • Mostly done on light-weighted fabrics, as it looks great on such fabric than on the heavier ones.
Pintuck Fabric


  • Tucks, made easy with the invention of the sewing machine, were very popular as ornamentation in the latter half of the 19th century, especially in fine linen or cotton fabric for chemisettes, engagements, blouses, lingerie, summer dresses, and children's garments.
  • Tucks were also used to decorate heavier fabrics: a traveling suit of "rough cheviot" (sturdy wool) is described as having its skirt "tucked, each tuck two inches wide and two inches apart, eight tucks in all, box-pleating at the bottom". 
Pintuck Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out?


Has a tactile surface. It feels like a tiny ridge on the surface of the cloth.


It has a ridged surface with folded pleats which are used to give texture to the fabric to enhance its beautification of the fabric.

Application and Uses


Shirts, dresses, skirts, etc


Handbags, scarfs, etc

Home furnishing

Table liners, bedsheets, etc

Care Instructions

  • Care is completely fabric specific . 
  • However, a common and important instruction is not to wriggle or squeeze the fabric.
Pintuck Fabric
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