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What is Raschel Knit Fabric? 

  • Raschel Knit Fabric is a type of Warp knitted fabric. This kind of fabric is made on a special knitting machine by taking threads from the warp beam.
  • Latch needles are a specialized kind of needle that is used by this equipment. 
  • On the face side of the fabric, there are slightly inclined vertical knitting loops. On the reverse side of the fabric, however, there are inclined horizontal floats.
  • Most raschel knits have complicated patterns that look like crochet or lace with open spaces and a surface effect that looks almost like a three-dimensional model.
  • The knitting method known as rascal knitting is done using industrial knitting machines and not by hand.
  • Raschel knits are not particularly stretchy and often have a rather bulky appearance.
Raschel Knit fabric


  • In the 1800s, people were looking for a cheap way to make lace, which led to the creation of the rascal knitting machine. 
  • The piece of machinery was given its name in honor of Elisabeth Rachel Félix, a well-known French actress from the 19th century who went by the stage name Mademoiselle Rachel and was famous for wearing lace. 
  • As the Raschel knitting machine was improved in Germany, the spelling of her name was changed to reflect the German language.
Raschel Knit fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


Just like tricot knit fabric, Raschel knit fabric has an open and coarse texture. 


It has a dull appearance. 


The fabric is See-through due to open knitting. 


Applications & Usage 


Coats, lingerie, dresses, etc. 

Home Furnishing 

Curtains, table covers, cushion covers, blankets, etc.


Veils, narrow tapes, mosquito netting, etc.

Care Instructions 

  • It is strongly advised that you wash the fabric by hand. 
  • Allow the lace to soak for half an hour while massaging it gently in the water. After massaging, let the lace soak for the remaining half an hour. 
  • After thorough rinsing, squeeze off any excess water. Do not rub or scrape the lace. The fragile cloth has a high potential for fraying. 
  • Place them in a flat position to dry. 
  • If you need to press anything, place a thick towel on the bottom, and then place a press cloth on top of the towel. 
Raschel Knit fabric

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