Rattan Fabric

Rattan Fabric

What is Rattan Fabric 

  • Rattan fabric is made from a flowering plant in the palm family,
  • Rattan is a versatile and eco-friendly fibre.
  • As a natural fibre with a lot of pliability, rattan may be woven into a wide variety of products, including furniture.
  • It is true that rattan is one of the natural materials with the highest rate of growth,
  • Indonesia is home to 80% of the world's rattan plantations.
Rattan Fabric

History of Rattan Fabric 

  • This Rattan fabric was firstly discovered during ancient Egypt,
  • Later in 17th century started evolving and took a shape like it has today,
  • Trade with Asian countries made the rattan material popular,
  • Then the era 1960-70 made the material extremely popular.
Rattan Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Rattan is made of a plant which makes it a lightweight material. 


Rattan is a strong fabric due to its weaving technique.

Natural plant fabric 

Rattan is a natural and sustainable fabric that is made of plant. 

Application And Usage 

Home furnishing 

Mats, furniture and baskets etc.


Cordage, canes and rope etc. 

Care Instruction 

  • Rattan fabric is vulnerable to getting dirty due to dust, protect is by clearing it with clean cloth,
  • It is advisable that you should apply oil to protect it from the crack and getting dirty.
Rattan Fabric

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