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What is Scrim Fabric? 

  • A scrim is a woven material that may be either finely woven and lightweight or coarsely woven and heavy. Both of these types are often used in the theater, along with a heavy, coarsely woven cloth that is used to reinforce both buildings and canvas.
  • Although flax may be used to make textiles, it is far more likely that you will come across anything made of cotton.
Scrim Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


It has a Gauze, and mesh like texture.


The fabric is not suitable for draping 


If it is fine scrim then it will be see through, whereas if it is coarse scrim then it will be opaque


Applications & Usage 

Home Furnishing 

Curtains, table covers, bed linens, etc.


Bookbinding, theatre, face mask, loudspeaker cover, etc. 

Care Instructions 

  • To clean the cloth gently, spot clean it, or have it dry cleaned.
Scrim Fabric

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