Scuba Fabric

Scuba Fabric

What is Scuba Fabric?

  • Scuba is a thick and resilient double-knit fabric fabricated from the fibers of polyester which comprise two-way stretch. 
  • It is also known as Neoprene Scuba fabric.
  • The fabric was basically made by the DuPont corporation. 
  • The scuba fabric is extremely adaptive and can be used in the making of different clothing.
Scuba Fabric

Scuba Fabric

  • Scuba fabric was initially curated to substitute rubber in 1930.  
  • Due to World War II, rubber fabric was in short supply due to its harvesting process. 
  • The elevated usage of rubber at that time threatened the exhaustion of the global supply.
  • This prompted the corporation DuPont and other such organizations to find the fabric solution in this regard. 
  • As the war ended, it was identified that scuba fabric has a variety of applications beyond its uses in the military. 
  • With time fabric manufacturers began making wetsuits by using scuba material, resulting in the incredibly popularizing of this fabric among surfers and scuba drivers. 
Scuba Fabric

What Makes it Stand out


Being an alternative to rubber, the scuba knit fabric is stretchable and elastic making it ideal for tight-fitting sportswear.


The fabric has a sleek and soft look.


Scuba has a fluid drape.

Application and Usage


Wetsuits, scuba suits, dresses, tops, swimsuits, etc.


Neoprene gloves, hose covers, power transformers, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Wash the fabric at around 30 to 40-degree temperature.
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Make sure to iron the scuba fabric at a low setting.
Care instructions for scuba fabric


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