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What is Sequin Fabric? 

  • Sequin fabric is fully covered material with plastic or metal-shaped pieces popularly known as sequin, they can vary in size shape, or color. 
  • The fabric which consists of sequins is mostly tulle or chiffon on which they are present.
  • Sequins are available in different shapes like oval, square, polygon, etc.
Sequin Fabric


  • Sequin originated from the Arabic word 'Sikka' which means coin.
  • In the 16th century, it was converted into the French word, sequin.
  • In1922 Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun garments were embellished with tiny disks made of pure gold, and lappers’ dresses were often embellished with hundreds of metal sequins.
  • In the 1930s started manufacturing lightweight sequins made of gelatin colored with lead paint. Then modern sequins are introduced which are typically made of Mylar or plastics.
Sequin Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


Slightly rough & tactile in texture due to the raised design


It is easy to Drape


The sequins on the fabric reflect the light and gives a shiny appearance.



Application & Usage 


Skirts, pants, dresses, etc.


Handbags, pouches, headbands, etc


Pillow covers, cushions, table covers, etc. 

Care Instructions 

  • Gentle wash in cold water and set the pin speed at low speed to avoid damage to sequins.
  • Use a gentle detergent and avoid harsh rubbing.
  • Gently squeeze the excess water out of the fabric.
  • Avoid ironing on the surface of fabric can only iron on the backside of cloth only.
Sequin Fabric
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