Ultrasuede Fabric

What is Ultrasuede fabric?

What is Ultrasuede fabric?

What is Ultrasuede fabric?

What is Ultrasuede fabric?
  • The performance fabric known as ultrasuede has been likened to suede leather due to the fact that it imitates the suede material's buttery and opulent texture. 
  • Since fabric is safe for use around animals, Ultrasuede has become more popular in recent years. 
  • A very dense weave makes it almost tough for claws to pierce.

History of Ultrasuede fabric 

History of Ultrasuede fabric
  • The brand name for a synthetic ultra-microfiber cloth is ultrasuede,
  • Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist with Toray Industries, created it in 1970,
  • It is frequently referred to as a synthetic version of suede leather.

What makes it stand out


Ultrasuede is resilient, easy to clean, and breathable; it is also capable of withstanding heavy foot activity in the house.

All-weather flexible

In addition to this, it is suitable for use in any climate, since it maintains a comfortable temperature regardless of the outside temperature.


If you want something that will last for a long time and you have a few dogs who like to run around the home, Ultrasuede is a fantastic choice.

Application and usage


Dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, etc.

Home furnishing

Curtain, bedsheets, cushion cover, etc



Care instructions

Care instructions
  • Wash by machine using the gentle setting.
  • It is advisable to use a mild detergent that does not include bluing chemicals. 
  • Do not bleach the fabric.
  • Dry using the tumble dryer on the lowest temperature setting.

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