Viscose Fabric

Viscose Fabric

What is Viscose? 

  • The term “Viscose” can be referred to as the solution of wood pulp which is made into a fabric.  
  • Viscose is made from wood pulp which is used as a substitute for silk and is considered a semi-synthetic type of rayon. 
  • It is smooth and gives a luxurious look, however, the first produced viscose was made from artificial silk and was comparatively less expensive.  
Viscose Fabric


  • The first commercial Viscose fiber was invented by Hilaire de Chardonnet who was a French scientist. 
  • However, due to its property of being flammable, the production of viscose stopped until a safer version wasn’t made. 
  • In 1892, Charles Frederick, Edward John, and Clayton Beadle found the production method. 
  • By 1905, the first Viscose Rayon was produced. 
Viscose Fabric Online

Types of Viscose Fabric


This is the first type of rayon to be produced in 1855 with the name “Artificial Silk”. It is highly flammable and is expensive to manufacture in comparison to acetate and cuprammonium. 


Acetate is made from cellulose and is weaker. Because of this, the production of acetate fabric has stopped decades ago. 


Lyocell fabric is durable and is considered a type of rayon fabric. It was originated in the US, however, now it is predominantly manufactured in China.   


It has significantly more strength as well as more tensile than normal viscose. It is mostly used by combining cotton and spandex. 

What Makes it Stand Out


Viscose fabric does not trap heat and absorbs sweat making it perfect for sportswear. 


It is airy which is best for summer dresses.


Viscose is very light and does not stick to the skin.


The material appears like silk and feels just like cotton. 

Application & Usage 


Dresses, Shirts, T-shirts, etc.


Lining, hats, footwear, etc.


Towels, table cloth, carpets, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Viscose? 

Burn test

  • Viscose catches fire easily just like cotton and releases flame immediately.
  • The burning smell of fabric is similar to the burning of leaves.
  • After burning the remains of the fabric feels like powder. 
Viscose Fabric Online

Care Instructions 

  • The fibers of viscose can become weaker and stretch when wet, therefore try to dry clean it.
  • If you are hand washing the viscose cloth then do it with cold water to prevent color bleeding. 
  • Apply mild detergent.
  • To avoid stretching of fabric do not wring the fabric.
  • Lay it on a flat surface to dry.  
Viscose Fabric
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