Fabric Art Workshop : Dyeing & Impression Technique - 6th June, Saturday

Fabric Art Workshop : Dyeing & Impression Technique - 6th June, Saturday - Fabriclore

Too old to wear, Not too old to give it away😉

I know, it's not just you alone, it's all of us while we see our clothes lying in our wardrobe. So we gave it a little thought and came up with Fabric Art Workshop to give new look to your oldies.

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In this fun workshop you'll learn two technique:

1. Dye Technique

2. Impression Technique by Natural Leaves

We have kept it at beginner level, so that everyone can easily participate. We want YOU to learn and have fun 🥳

Date & Time 

June 6, Sunday | 4:00 - 5:30 PM IST

Materials to be required: 

Fabric acrylic colours
Brushes(flat brushes)
Rough cloth
Rough papers or copy
Water spray bottle
Natural leafs:shamrock:
(Water containers,disposable glass,palette to mix the colours)

Plastic met Fabric which can be used(white base)
Silk (any form of silk work like cotton silk,satan silk,etc)
Cotton(Any form of cotton work)
What Stole(fabric)size we can take..18-20inch*60-62 inch

Registration is open for only 50 seats. So hurry! Register here

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