Hacks to 4 Types of Neckline Finishes - 24th Dec, Friday

Hacks to 4 Types of Neckline Finishes - 24th Dec, Friday - Fabriclore

Learn to give those pretty little Neckline details to your garment in this week's Workshop.

These small elements which will give your silhouette an even more clean look.

Learn to make 4 different types of finishes you can give to your necklines i.e., Facing, Bias Bound, Piping, Chinese Collar Finish.



About the Workshop


In this Workshop, you'll learn

4 different types of finishes you can give to your necklines:

  1. Facing
  2. Bias Bound
  3. Piping
  4. Chinese Collar Finish

Materials required: 

  1.  Pattern paper/ Newspaper 
  2.  Ruler, pencil
  3.  Inch tape
  4.  Tape, Scissors 
  5.  Fabric to stitch.
  6.  Thread
  7.  Fabric Chalk/ marker
  8.  Ironable fusing


Date: 24th Dec, Friday

Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM IST

Where: Online at ZOOM 

Fee - Rs 99 only 


You will receive confirmation E - mail after the payment. The link of the workshop will be sent to you in 24 hours

What will we do with the Registration Amount?
The total amount of the registration will go to the charity groups who work towards building and empowering the Artisans


1. What if I register for workshop but I'm not able to attend?
- Don't worry, we will send you the recording. But we recommend LIVE, it is so much more fun.

2. Do I need to have prior knowledge of sewing?
- No. This is a basic level workshop, all you need is your love for sewing, we'll get you started.

3. Do you provide the raw material?
- Not at the moment. However you can buy yourself some beautiful fabrics from our website & all the other materials are readily available in local market.

4. I did not receive the Zoom link in the E-Mail even after the payment.
- Do not worry, you will receive the Zoom Invite one day before the Workshop.


    About Tutor 

    D. Sakthiswari

    Sakthi is a sewist who learned sewing as a hobby & grew to love it to make it a profession. She sees sewing as more than just a process of making clothes, a beautiful craft that can be learned through time taking years of practice and patience.

    She loved teaching and sharing her knowledge with the world.
    Every workshop she conducted for us helped her reach new people who are as enthusiastic about sewing as she is!



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