Know Everything about Kalamkari and Ajrak | 31st March, Thursday

Know Everything about Kalamkari and Ajrak | 31st March, Thursday - Fabriclore

There are different fabric crafts, and amongst them Ajrakh and Kalamkari are two which are loved by everyone.
So this time, we are only going to talk about them and tell you in details about the origin, the craft process, and how to spot their differences.  

Be it a any occasion we will also tell you how to sport Kalamkari and Ajrak for the events. 

What can you expect in the Workshop?

  1. Introduction of Ajrak and Kalamkari
  2. From where did they Origin?
  3. What is the difference in process of Craft?
  4. How can you differentiate between Ajrak & Kalamkari
  5. What you can make from them?


Who is it for?

Everyone who loves to know a little more in depth about Crafts


31st March, Thursday | 4:00 - 5:00 PM IST

Registration is open for only 20 seats
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