Online Sewing Workshop for Beginners - 18th Feb, Friday

Online Sewing Workshop for Beginners - 18th Feb, Friday - Fabriclore

The Workshop is for all Sewing lovers or for those who are planning to start sewing or are new to sewing. 

This is the Right time to attend this workshop and learn some basics of Sewing.

We will be talking about

1. What is sewing?
2. Difference between sewing and stitching
3. How to operate a sewing machine?
4. Tools required for sewing
5. 3 Secret Sewing Hacks
6. Definition of a seam
7. What are some basics seams?
8. Tutorial- How to sew a Pouch



Who Can Attend this Workshop?

1. Beginner's Sewist 

2. One who want to learn about basics of Sewing



18th Feb, Friday | 4:00 - 5:30 PM IST | Online at ZOOM

You will receive a link to Zoom One Hour Prior

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