Future of Fashion - Customisation Fabriclore

Future of Fashion - Customisation Fabriclore


What is one thing that a fast-fashion brand can never give you? Exclusivity, personalization & customization! With more and more International brands trying to make this possible for consumers the most accessible way to stand out has always existed around us Be it your local boutique or designers that give you that extra edge to your imagination, wearing your imagination brought to life with these designers not only makes each of your outfit exclusive but also communicate your individual style loud and clear.

Fabriclore, a hybrid production company that sells fabrics online is not just a mere marketplace, but a platform wherein they manage fabrics design, production, connect fashion designers and consumers on a single platform. The brand works with artisans spread all over the country, getting the crafts right from the source. Artisans from 14 states of India are associated with the brands to offer the finest quality of fabrics to both business and end consumers. 

Why Fabriclore 

Fabriclore is an ecosystem that meets both B-B and B-C requirements. From ordering half a metre of fabric to any desired quantity complete with fully assisted customization is available through Fabriclore’s website. Fabriclore meets all the needs of a growing fashion label that otherwise would find it difficult to procure small batches of executive fabrics. We Have an in-house sales team and product innovation and design team that works closely with clients/designers for specific need-based orders. 

What It Offers 

The brand offers the widest range of sustainable, viscose, and synthetic fabrics. The segmentation, navigation, and discovery of fabrics on a digital platform have never been so easy. They have a ready catalog of prints or customized designs on the fabric of choice even smaller quantities. They control the standard and right from setting the mood board, creative, developments, quality control, and testing - all from a single platform; Fabriclore offers more than mere curation of fabrics, they control the entire value chain of the fabric. For example, if a label/designer requires a fabric of their choice - right from the yarn- a certain percentage of sustainable or a mix of different yarns- it’s absolutely possible for Fabriclore to create it for them. The development of the community around design and learning is another critical pillar of Fabriclore’s business ethos, offering a garnut of styling, sewing, and DIY platform to both designers and consumers alike. 

Fashion And Fabric

Fabric is the base of any fashion, be it denim, organza, corduroy, chiffon, or knits. Indians love their heritage more than anyone in the world, they also known how to modernize it. Be it banarasi pantsuits, khadi dresses, lehriya patched on denim. Fabrics give you a canva to experiment and showcase your individual style that no fast fashion brand will able to communicate. That being said, we have a tearn of innovation and textiles who constantly experiment with prints & fabrics to offer something out of the box that works for our fashion-conscious consumers. 

Journey Ahead 

Fabriclore which has been in business for merely 6 years is already tapping into broadening its horizons. On the product development side, they are collaborating with brands working with proprietary yarn like LIVA to bring traditional crafts on a global scale. They are also opening one of a kind, beautiful Experience Studio. The brand wants to be reckoned with by any designer or boutique, DIY/Sewing enthusiasts - anybody who is conscious and is aware of what they are wearing or creating.

We want Fabriclore to be the first thing that pops in mind. 

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