Fabriclore at Indian Designer Show: Season 4

Fabriclore at Indian Designer Show: Season 4

Indian fashion designers have immense popularity and are famous for their vibrant patterns all around the world. Apart from international fashion designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi, we have some aspiring designers who are experimenting with traditional patterns as well as luxury clothing styles. To promote such glamorous fashion blended with innovation, the "Indian Designer Show" was held in Delhi at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium. This platform was created with the aim of developing a bridge between fashion designers and traders.

In order to provide a common stage for intending fashion designers, fabriclore also took part in the two day fashion cum exhibition event as an association partner alongside The Artiste Foundations, Brand Monkey, Laalten Lounge & Bar, etc. During this show on December 17–18, Indian designers showed some groundbreaking collections to kick off this year's edition. 

To give you an insight into the event, fabriclore has collected some takeaways from it for you. So let's get ready to enjoy our voyage to India's most luxurious fashion show, where creativity meets inspiration.

Vijay Sharma in Indian Designer Show

Designers and showstoppers 

Day 2 of the event starts with the Diya lightning ceremony and brand and sponsor announcements. Sandeep Sharma from Fabriclore represented the brand at the event. After the opening ceremony, the ramp walk starts with designs by Rosy Ahluwalia. Giorgia Andriani, Mannara Chopra, and Sibhani Kashyap were the showstoppers for the designer’s The Future Khadi collection.

The next collection was presented by Shubhi Garg. Shubhi Garg Designs is proud to introduce Symphony, a collection that expertly merges classic and contemporary styles. In her work, she combines modern design elements with time-honoured handcrafts such as lace, beading, and embroidery. She is a strong advocate for Indian textiles and handloom, as well as the fusion and erosion of cultures that inspire them.

Shravan Kumar portrays both the Golden Age of the Royals and the Renaissance of the Nakshabandhis. The many weavings that Shravan preserves and repairs are a testament to his dedication to the craft. One of his objectives is to spark a new wave of curiosity about how clothing might be made in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. Sini Shetty was the showstopper for Shravan Kumar’s collection.

Designers and showstoppers

Meeami, starring Nargis Fakhri, was unveiled by Amit Bharadwaj. His work has enduring appeal because of the way it skillfully blends classic elements with modern touches to create objects of exceptional originality. The day and night concept will include two lines of apparel that are complementary to one another: daywear and eveningwear.

After Nargis Fakhri, bubbly girl Shenaz Gill lit up the show in a floral gown designed by Ken Ferns. The show reached its peak with the Rocky S designer collection, which was presented by Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha.

Designers and showstoppers

Fabriclore at the Indian Designer Show

As industry’s first all-inclusive fabric sourcing platform, Fabriclore showcased a wide range of Ready For Dye fabrics (RFD) alongside the creative exploration of various printing techniques. High Quality fabrics from top global fibre partners like Liva, Lenzing, Bemberg, etc were also on display.

The exhibition set-up also welcomed various fashion designers and students. Our team of textile experts interacted with all these aspiring futures of the Indian fashion world. The interactive session had conversations about the production process of a fabric, from a mere idea to a real craft. We also explained the idea of easy customization at Fabriclore, where you can choose to modify fabric designs and patterns as per your requirements.   

Interaction session

The idea is to eliminate the un-organised & tedious process of fabric sourcing for every fashion designer & private label. Fourth Edition of the fashion show cum exhibition bought together creative minds & problem solving platforms, making fabric sourcing easy & accessible to all. 

Interaction session

We also happen to be a magnet for suggestions, and would love to catch yours….throw us yours on hello@fabriclore.com

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