A Partnership With A Common Vision: Fabriclore X Blinks

A Partnership With A Common Vision: Fabriclore X Blinks


Fabriclore, India's eminent fabric and design commerce platform which was founded in 2016 by Vijay Sharma, Anupam Arya and Sandeep Sharma, has recently embarked on an extensive association with Y-Combinator backed custom-clothing startup, Binks, for a better access and customer experience for end consumers.

It is a partnership with a common vision: a complete complementing solution to help busy urban women get the perfect fit in the comfort of their homes, by providing fabric pickup, consultations with designers. doorstep delivery and convenient alterations.

According to Raj Vardhan, Co-Founder is tailor-made. Then & COO, Binks, "Both Fabriclore and Binks strongly believe that the future of fashion is tailor-made. Therefore, the decision for us to partner with them was organic. 

At Binks, we're building a truly holistic custom-clothing platform for urban Indian women. A huge step in that direction is to enable the end consumers with garments stitched from Fabriclore's traditionally crafted and contemporary fabrics."

The integration works in a holistic way, ensuring that one is building a platform that can serve as a true foundation for future growth. Once a customer places a stitching order with Binks, the designers from Binks present the collection (displayed on their virtual design studio) to the customers over a call. 

Once the customers choose their preference, the designer at Binks, places an order on the customer's behalf. Soon, customers will be able to directly choose weaves from Fabriclore's collection while placing their order on the Binks website.


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