This Summer Get Ready With Fabriclore’s Breathable Fabrics

This Summer Get Ready With Fabriclore’s Breathable Fabrics


Summer weather is in complete swing and everyone just wants to feel good while they go on with their daily lives without having to think about yet another thing to take care of during this scorching heat. It also signals a change in wardrobe and what you wear ultimately decides the mood of your day.

You don’t have to be an expert fashionista to determine the same, because Anupama Deo Arya, Vice President, Marketing & Communications of Fabriclore has compiled a guide of exactly what you need to keep in mind while choosing fabrics for summer. Fabriclore, a company that was founded in 2016 by Vijay Sharma, Anupam Arya and Sandeep Sharma, is India’s first fabric and design commerce platform. Etymologically meaning ‘the stories of fabric’, Fabriclore is about assembling a complete ecosystem of designers, private labels, fabric manufacturers, and artisans and connecting them directly to the consumers.

Fabric Collection
  • Natural fibres are by default more skin-friendly and breathable. Fabrics made purely from natural fibres like Organic Cotton and Pure Linen are no doubt the best choice for summer outfits.
  • Synthetic fabrics made from natural substances such as Viscose and Rayon are next in line. Moreover, these fabrics are flowy and have a smooth finish texture, making them ideal for summer party outfits. Lastly, utterly synthetic fabrics like Acrylic, Nylon and Spandex can be used for performance wear. But any longer than that and your skin might feel suffocated.
  •  Summer fabrics with a mix of natural and synthetic fibres are also amazing to beat the heat, like Satin, Crepe, or Kota Doria. Checking fabric colour also plays an integral part while purchasing any fabric, especially in summer. Why so? Sometimes the fabric loses colour as soon as it comes in contact with water (or sweat) and ruins the look of the complete attire. If you want to make a colour test, then pick a small cotton ball or use your white handkerchief to rub a small portion of the fabric. If you notice any colour on your handkerchief then the fabric is not suitable for summer.

    Summer Fabrics

    • For a summer party outfit, you can opt for an embellished net fabric or organza with a cotton lining so your skin and your look are not compromised.
    • Scientifically, less saturated colour tones are soothing for the eyes. Trending shades of 2022 like the Peri-Winkle and Café Mocha are refreshing while classic choices like Mint Green, Lavender, and Ecru are best suited for casual wear.
    • Pro Tip: If you want to choose anything beyond these, all you can do is gently run the fabric on the back of your palm. If it feels too itchy and too stiff, it is probably the wrong choice for a summer dress.

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