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How to Style Your Attire With Perfect Color Combination?

How to Style Your Attire With Perfect Color Combination? - Fabriclore

It can be agreed by everyone that styling your outfits with perfect fabric and color is troublesome.  How important is it to have a perfect combination of colors in your attire? Recall that beautiful lilac top you have difficulty pairing up with a bottom? & the white top that you can basically pair up with anything?

So what exactly is the code?

Here are 2 ways to combine colors  & make your outfit look best



The Monochromatic Way 




When it comes to styling, no approach is more perfect than styling in monochromatic tones. What exactly are Monochromatic tones? They are best distinguished as tones comprising only one color but in varied shade or intensity.

By saying one color, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only one color from top to bottom. The best part of dressing in monochromatic color is that you can choose any color to style your look.

You can initiate pairing your gray pants with a gray blouse and some silver jewelry and that’s it! 


Monochrome Fabrics


Tip : For a more balanced look, you can play with proportions. Like you can opt for a billowy top with a fitted bottom or you can even go for a turtleneck with skinny jeans. 

One more thing that you will observe in monochromatic outfits is that they will make you look taller. Why? Because these outfits create a seamless line from top to bottom which makes you slimmer and taller. 

The Complementary Way




As the name says, complementary colors compliment each other. Another way to identify complementary colors is the color wheel. They are positioned completely opposite to each other.

When the pair of complementary colors, that is, green, blue, yellow, purple and red are worn together, the outcome of your outfit will be the most euphonious. 

The best part of complementary colors is that you can experiment with various shades and that too without losing the dynamism of the combination. 

Ever observed that most of your summer outfits are designed using complementary colors? Go take a quick look at your wardrobe

You can also add some drama to your outfit by experimenting with colors like yellow and violet, even though these are entirely opposite shades, still, they’ll look great with each other.




You can also combine blue and orange. While opting for blue and orange, you can go for an orange top and blue fitted jeans or you can take a different shade of these like, burnt orange with navy blue jeans and with that, you can add a perfect nude color shoe which will give the right weightage to your outfit. 

One more combination you can wear is green and yellow. Green trousers with white crop top and yellow jacket will give an absolutely gorgeous look. 

Complementary colors also look marvelous when worn as an ethnic wear. In ethnic wear you can go for Green suit with a contrasting red dupatta, you can also opt for other shades like pink or yellow. With a green suit you can go for a banarasi dupatta of ombre red-pink tone. 

 Now it’s up to you.... How you will mix and match these techniques and give essence to your everyday outfit.

Don’t think much, just look for the combination that makes you feel comfortable. All these are classic trends that will pack you for a decade, so go ahead & create some enticing combinations from your wardrobe. And if you feel like adding some more colors in your wardrobe, checkout our latest fabric collection & pick your favorite.

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