Experience a Liberated Sense of Clothing with Mūkt

Experience a Liberated Sense of Clothing with Mūkt - Fabriclore
With Mūktwe are liberated in thought & design. For the very first time, we've come up with a limited-edition capsule clothing collection called Mūkt.
The magical word originates from Sanskrit मुक्त  literally translating to liberated or being free. When you free yourself from stereotyped ways that limit you from being yourself, that's when you become mukt.

The idea behind Mūkt

The sense of Mūkt, of being liberated is something that pushes each one of us to grow beyond conventional ways. When you break free from the stereotypes, you move forward to a better life. With Mūkt we aim to instill this feel when you get ready to take on the world.

The limited-edition collection is designed free of size, standards & judgements. Each silhouette is made to complement every body type & liberate you from too loose or too tight garments.

Capturing The Trends

Post pandemic, comfort has taken over the otherwise look-oriented fashion world. The dressing has shifted more towards casual than highly formal wear. Keeping comfort, easy flow & breathability in mind, we designed our kaftans, wrap-around skirts, pants, & dresses.
Each style befits as casualwear or semi-occasion wear. Keeping our conscious core active, we thoughtfully enhanced each garment with sustainable embellishments. Starting with subtle metal sequins & hand-embroidered details to turning leftover fabrics into beautiful tassels.

Styling Notes

Each piece from our collection is versatile enough to be paired with your everyday basics. The kaftans & wrap around dresses carry the essence of being crafted by hand & pair up best with oxidized silver jewellery. The wrap-around pants & skirts with their subtle shades will go well with a white top. 
And there's not just one way to wear the garments.
You can wear the wraparound dress as a dress or as a shrug. Pair them up with chic contemporary accessories & you've got the perfect free-spirit look. 
However, the collection itself is about liberation, don't let your imagination narrowed down to options here, let it run wild & style Mūkt the way you like, the way you feel Mūkt.

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