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My First Encounter With Fabriclore

My First Encounter With Fabriclore

The Indian wedding celebrations are full of fun, sweets, gatherings, and tons of hurdles, and when it comes to getting a tailor-made wedding attire, you add a little more stress. My story of fun (& struggle) began when my family decided to allot me with the most difficult task of my sister’s wedding. Being a fashion design student, my parents wanted me to design coordinated outfits for all of us. Since I've mostly worked with western silhouettes during my course that included knit materials, I was unaware of where to buy woven fabrics.


Having tried local markets, boutiques, online sites, and stores, I was not getting anything, somewhere the prints were not good and others didn't have the quality I wanted.

As I discussed this problem with my friends & mentors, one of them suggested me to checkout Fabriclore.

Without wasting a nano second, I checked their Instagram page and online site and was amazed to see so many varieties of fabric. The customization and exclusive design ecosystem they offer intrigued me.The only hesitation now was the feel of the fabric, so I talked to their customer support & guess what? They  provide swatch books & recently launched their Experience Studio, a haven for every fabric & design enthusiast to explore possibilities with fabrics. My surprise was that Fabriclore's scheduling process was very smooth and easy. Their team can be reached at the information provided on their website, and appointments can be scheduled here.

The Day Of Meeting 

Fabric Lab

Following the schedule, I arrived at the location, and met with the studio manager. She led me to the studio, & there I stood amazed by the varieties & prints I saw. On one hand, you can view RFD fabrics that are like a blank canvas for designers; on the other hand, different fabrics featuring various textile crafts from across the country.

During the entire visit, she explained everything in detail to me as I explored the crafted materials one by one. This really cleared up my mind regarding various things. The touch of fresh fabrics mystified me, and I realized that after being in the fashion world, I still need to explore various things regarding textiles. Out of curiosity, I asked, "What if none of the fabric designs here appeal to me?" To which she responded, "No problem ma’am, we can get it customized for you". 

How Does Customization Work?

Custom Fabrics

Additionally, she explained that with this option, you can let us know what pattern and design you'd like, along with details about the fabric. All you have to do is pick a design and pattern, either from their enormous collection of 10,000+ designs or one of your own. Once you have selected the patterns, next you get to choose a fabric or material. Now you have to sit back and relax as your order will be delivered according to your requirement. 

Further asked, " What if I want to order in bulk but am not sure about the range?" She smiled and answered, "you can call for quotations and samples." This would actually help me in managing the cost and be sure of the quality. 

Customization Of Fabrics

I was mesmerized by how they had planned everything from the perspective of small businesses and startups. With their easy customization process, you can come up with your own designed and patterned fabric in just a few easy steps. With Moving ahead, she also explained about end-to-end solutions for fashion designers & private labels. 

Guarantee of NDA

Not just for initial-level businesses, Fabriclore has a plethora of choices for all fashion brands and designers. You can take advantage of exclusive customized designs for your brand with the security of NDA (non disclosure agreement). Under this agreement, fabriclore would not use your design for any purpose in the future, which actually helps in establishing your business and securing your own patterns.

Minimum Order Quantity 

During the course of this conversation, something hit me. Since I require only a basic quantity, will it be possible to get it customized? To sort this out, I spoke up and asked about their minimum order quantity policy. Answering positively, she elaborated that to promote the small level businesses, we offer a range of minimum order quantity, which depends on customer's customization needs. 

Let’s Order 


After gathering all I needed to know about textiles and their offerings, I was convinced to purchase material from here. And after spending a little more time, I finally got stuck at one fabric & knew this is it- Mashru Silk Fabric with Discharge Screen Print.

She gave me a few colour options & I got confused between 2 shades, a gorgeous royal purple & a gold-mustard yellow. Upon checking the backend, she informed me one of them was ready in stock & the other one will be made-on-order, & since I already spent a lot of time looking for a perfect fabric, I chose the one readily available - the royal purple. After selecting the fabric, she asked me to wait for a while. A few moments later, she came up with a packet and a bill. I paid, got the perfect fabric and happily walked out of the store.

To summarize my first encounter with Fabriclore, I am convinced and confident about their services and offers so much that in future, whenever I need any kind of fabric, Fabriclore will be my go-to place. Who knows, my own fashion label may be in-line!


We also happen to be a magnet for suggestions, and would love to catch yours….throw us yours on hello@fabriclore.com
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