All-New On-Demand Printing in 10 Days! Know More

All-New On-Demand Printing in 10 Days! Know More - Fabriclore

The hunger for creativity keeps pushing you to new limits every day. In such a craving of fabric printing, we thought what if we can print fabric as & when our customer demands? Well, the answer is here, we got 'On-demand Printing' for you. But...

What it is?

You Demand & We Print, that's all. 

Our quest for new led us to curate this print on demand collection with beautiful digital prints inspired by tropical leaves, nature, cute creatures, abstract strokes & more. Then began our hunt for a tie-up with a printer, and not just any printer! We wanted to make sure the digital printing on fabric is not only trend-forward but also safe for the skin, hence Azo-free Dyes (more on that later 😉). 

After a few trials & of course errors with various materials & designs, we assorted a few materials for our final collection including Organic Cotton, Rayon, Modal Satin, Cotton, Linen & more.

So, how will it work?

Just like you buy any other fabric online, but now with your choice of material & design, printed exclusively for you. 


We then get our dice rolling & your order goes into processing. 

Best of All

Recall the mention of Azo Free Dye? Let's get into details now. Most textile dyes use harmful chemicals while colouring fabrics. These dyes are known to have potential carcinogens, & the worst part they can be directly absorbed by the skin when we wear them. Studies also show that these harmful components seep into water bodies even after treatment. Ultimately landing up in oceans & our ecosystem.

The sooner the awakening, the better for our environment. As we slowly move towards consciousness, we didn't opt for any other dye, but azo-free dyes. After tests & certifications, we are now proud to be delivering Azo-Free Digital Printed Fabrics that too in just 10 business days!

Is it for me?

Whether a designer or not, if you have a knack for exclusive stuff, it is for you. With just 10 meters as minimum quantity, the possibilities are endless. Imagine a coordinated family outfit, or a dress party, or a capsule collection, or a renovated interior, or whatnot! Once you get your favourite design printed, the ball is in your court to create anything & everything.

And if you are looking for your special design to be printed, we might make that happen too, just contact us here.

Already brimming with ideas with your favourite On-demand Printed fabric? Share with us in the comments below

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