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Homes reflect the personality of their people. And that is why people have started giving so much importance to the home décor right from living room furnishings like sofa sets, tables, and dining chairs to curtains, rugs, and even the cushions of sofa sets.

The living room can be full of furniture and décor items but would still look dull without the use of the right fabric for your furnishings. With so many options of vivid fabrics available today, it is easy to create a theme-based décor for your home.

For instance, if you are looking for a very comfortable, calm, and summery look for your living room, go for the pastel florals. The key is to blend the fabrics well with the overall look of your home.

The whole feel of the room can be changed by just changing the drapes of your furnishings especially when you are confused about which theme to choose. Just a touch-up on cushion covers or decorating the pillows can make your home décor look stylish.

With this blog, we will discuss some of the prints that would look classic with both vintage and contemporary-looking home decors.



Floral prints add a sense of freshness to the decor of the room. These prints are available in such bright hues that it spreads out a feeling of calmness and soothes your eyes. 

If you are looking for something simple yet interesting, floral prints are a get-go for you. Dazzling cushion covers, bed sheets, table mats, curtains, and even your living room/bedroom furnishings would look splendid with floral printed fabrics.

You can accentuate the charm of floral blending them with a contrasting background. If you are going for pastel shades for furnishings and accessories, you can blend them with a darker background. Or you can also blend solid light shades with floral.

If your whole home decor has a pastel floral-inspired theme, you can even buy some floral printed accessories. Like kitchen accessories- mugs, trays, and home decor items like lamp shades, paintings, etc. 



If you are looking for a decor that would make your home look spacious yet give it a modern and contemporary look, go for striped printed fabrics for your home decor. Stripes are not just a combination of two colors of red and white, black and white, etc. but now, stripes are available in a combination of a plethora of shades.

For a modern classic look, go for a colorful striped bed cover if you have a darker shaded room color. You can even design enticing sofa sets with colorful stripes and they look absolutely angelic.

If you planning to give a retro look to your house, go for classic stripes which would look gorgeous on blinds or curtains. And stripes are so versatile that they will solve any purpose including furniture holsters, cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, table mats, and rugs.

Stripes on cotton fabric are an excellent option for cushions, pillows, bed sheets, and the like because of their comfort and suppleness.

Geometrical Abstract Fabrics

Geometrical Abstract Fabrics

Geometric Abstract prints for home decor can appeal to young people or people with artistic interests who live in a metropolitan city but they can also be appealing to suburb dwellers who have a taste for a modern and contemporary style of decor. 

When we first mention geometric abstracts, the colors that come into our minds are black and white. Because monochromatic prints are mostly geometrical. But what you need are high-energy colors to light up the taste of geometrical abstract decor. These include shades of chili red, sapphire blue, parakeet green, steel gray, and shades of aqua blue.

For a clean and simple look, modern furniture with geometric abstract fabrics would perfectly complement the look of the home decor. And also use intense shades in home interior fabrics as shown in the picture above. Intense shades of pink, red, peach, and blue look simply amazing.

If you are not willing to change much of your home décor but still want to give it a pinch of a modern look, adding just geometric print pillows will add a pinch of modern geometric look to your home.

Pin Tucks

Pin Tucks

Pin tucks are a fold that has been stitched from place to place. And a very thin fold makes it a Pin-tuck. They make such versatile interior fabrics that you can add them to the simplest of the fabric designs and still can look stunning with little or no embellishments. 

Pin-tucks have always been the first choice for bed-covers and quilts. And the plethora of shades it is available in makes it more in demand. They can be a perfect choice from table mats to curtains to cushion covers to summer quilts.



If you are one of those who get bored with theme-based decors easily, then checks are definitely for you.  They are scintillating and extremely versatile. If you are not into black and white checks, there is a huge variety of checks available today. Jazz up your living room with matching checks for curtains and cushion covers.

How alluring will the chair look when blended with different designs of checks? Next time you are looking to do something creative with your bedroom/study room, adding this chair only will give you a taste of creativity.



For a traditional and contemporary styled home decor, add lots of embroidered fabric to your living room furnishings and bedrooms. The beauty of embroidery still makes us remember the traditional art of our country. One of the best things about embroidered art is you can mix and match different types of embroidery.

India has a rich heritage of so many different cultures and every culture has its own art of embroidery. Phulkari is Punjab-inspired, Chikankari comes from parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bengal has Kantha embroidery and similarly, there are so many other embroideries. And these embroideries are not just for clothing, when blended well with the other home décor, the embroidery art looks so enthralling.

If you are fond of a Bohemian look, Add colorful fabrics with multiple prints to your home décor. Because Bohemian style is all about layering prints and textures and it gives a perfect hip, free-spirited look. Even the blend of traditional and modern prints can be fascinating. 

For people with not so much into prints, compliment the solid fabric with printed cushions in vibrant hues. But make sure to compliment the colors well.

Darker yellows can complement maroons. Black solid shade can also be blended with colorful shades of yellow, and blues. Even pairing the rug with cushions of sofa sets can give a colorful look to your home decor.

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