5 Indian Fashion Influencers You Should Not Miss

5 Indian Fashion Influencers You Should Not Miss - Fabriclore

There was a time when Bollywood was all you looked up to figure out fashion trends & tricks of styling. But when everything is on Instagram then who's to stop fashion coming into the picture. With the advent of Instagram back in 2010 sharing pictures became an overriding part of being social on the internet. And pictures, have been all about dressing up & looking our best even when it was just possible in a studio. And that's where fashion & style influencers come to our rescue.

What really makes a fashion influencer stand out is their unique way of presenting the tips of styling to you. If minimalism is all you crave then there is a niche of influencers pursuing the length of it, so you just need to sit back relax & choose what you like from the ocean of options. Similarly, if you can't put your finger on one trend then Instagram is all you need to look up to figure out what goes with what, not that it matters to some of us (we love to wear what we want 😉).

Whilst speaking of fashion influencers, here are a few who stand out with their ideas & content creation & are already our fav.

Massoom Minawala Mehta

When Masoom began her journey of blogging it was still a very new career choice, still she managed to find her ground & has come to a fanbase close to a million. But what do we love most about her? A series #THEINDIAILOVE stole our heart. Talking about our traditions & customs while giving it the feel today's youth desires, she is finding the balance between our roots & the branches that extend to the west.


Ishita Mangal

If there's anything valued more than straight-forward content is adding a quirky angle to all the information you are serving.
I remember Ishitas's last reel not just because it was a hit styling trick but because of the flavour of humour, she added to it. How much can you really consume when it's just about what to wear & how to wear it? But when added with a punch of sarcasm & humour, the quintessential entertainment we seek all day long is achieved. & like she may say if comedy is all you seek then rather listen to a stand-up comedian.



Sakshi Sindwani

While the conversation to understand body positivity intensifies Sakshi takes every moment to celebrate herself. For a major portion of decades, we have grown up seeing a particular mould of the physique that is ideal for every dress, curves were not seen as an element of beauty. But have you seen her? If anyone needs the confidence to wear what you please, she is the one to look up for. More than what dress you wear, its important to wear confidence with it. 



Ranveer Allahbadia

Do you feel good when you look good? Yes, it happens but where do you even get the motivation to look good? Ranveer is the go-to person for motivation. and there's the icing on the cake with health & style tips, what more could you ask for. You eat well, train hard & look good - that's all the inspiration you need to look amazing from the inside. And when it reflects outside, you're sure to turn heads.



Sejal Kumar

Last not the least, Sejal Kumar. Growing in terms of follower count isn't as fascinating as having a fanbase that has grown with you. Still too young, but when Sejal started her video blogging journey a lot many people connected with her & continue to do so even today. What works? I believe when you are staying true to what your heart says while being aware of your responsibility as a content creator, people will always be there. Coming up with campaigns like #maiaisihun to inspire women to accept themselves & be fearless in their decision making, she is inspiring us along with laying out her meticulous fashion & styling tips.




These stylists in no way define the trends but they are sure to help you get started on discovering your own style. And since our dawn, we value the originality of an individual & the expression of it in their dressing. You feel like yourself when you dress like yourself so keep an eye on trends but follow what your heart says when you Craft Your Story.

Don't forget to tell us about your favourite stylist, who knows they might become our favourite too.

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