We Have Evolved - Introducing Fabriclore's New Identity

We Have Evolved - Introducing Fabriclore's New Identity - Fabriclore
As human beings, we love experimenting. We were no different when the idea of
Fabriclore was gestated in café under a metro station of Delhi. Year after year, we kept on experimenting, listened to what our customers have to say, made some mistakes, and did a lot of head turning stuff too.

All of this, polished us. We found our beat, our direction, a path that we would like to follow. After more than four years in creating one of the most sought after brand of fabric, we have matured and so should be our brand identity. A more unified language of visual communication that we and our global community of fabric connoisseurs can relate to.

Fabriclore Founder - Vijay Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Anupam Arya

The recent decades have witnessed a brisk navigation in the fashion, home & living space which began from Darzi era, to the influx of giant e-commerce and now slowly turning to be more personal into the customization era. This swift shift in the market is what the founders were able to spot at the right time and soon Fabriclore saw the light of the day.

We are now poised to march further in the space, to become much wider in offering everything one needs to customize their own design... create their own stories.

What Does New Identity Represents?

A complete departure from our outgoing visual feel, our new identity is all about fusion of old with new. We have flipped pretty much everything from brand typography to color scheme to visual language, all leading to a more cohesive, versatile yet distinct personality.

The oceanic scale of fabrics globally are originally inspired by stories of native cultures and individuals who are part of those cultures. This is what became central to our thought when brainstorming about new identity. So without further ado, let’s take a tour of with some of the major changes, we went through.


Brand Personality

Clearheaded, imaginative, explorer, conscious, yet distinctively chic is what defines Fabriclore. We wanted to be a brand that goes beyond the visual character of what people wear and inspire them to explore their origins, their makers and stories behind them. Something that is more human, more sustainable, more conscious yet chic.


The core architecture of the new logo is inspired by waves representing fluidic motion of Fabrics. The typographic foundation of the new word-mark lies in Grotesque typeface that is known for being crude in its form with a lot of visual character.

The half circle on top of “I” is inspired from Indic Devanagari script and adds both Indic cultural and spiritual touch.

Fabriclore Logo

It is the imperfection that lays the foundation of exchange between two humans and two cultures. So, we incorporated a bit of asymmetry at the right, adding more weight with elongated curve of letter R, highlighting imperfect nature of global cultures and individual both.

Colour Scheme

Fabriclore is no different to riding the wave of sustainability and make it its central pursuit. On the other side, a primary color that is commonly found in global cultures both historical and contemporary. Hence the choice of Skobeloff green and Tan colors as primary shades.

We even went on creating a color palette of as many as 10 colors inspired from natural dyes that are obtained from flora and fauna.

Fabriclore Motifs   Fabriclore Motifs   Fabriclore Motif


This is where a lot of time was spent. Hours and hours to research went into figuring a typeface that is distinctively fusion of classic and modern, something that can defy the modern wave of geometric sans serif without compromising on legibility and not getting lost into the mirage of slab serifs too.

The result is a Serif font for headings that appears both vintage, and modern at the same time while going for classic Grotesque font for body text.

Fabriclore Typography


Our Hand block heritage was the primary driving force behind choosing the motif style. We wanted to keep the look and feel natural, sustainable yet clean.

The entire motif selection and iconography are hand drawn with water color creating a visual feel that is more approachable, more human, visually asymmetric without any sharp corners.

Fabriclore Motif

Beyond Visual Change

With high dreams we are excited to bring you even more diverse and unified experience not just in our craft range but our product range too that will serve audiences from across the globe.

Second the experience of buying fabric as low as half meters has been loved by our community, we will continue to enhance that experience with new features that help them get as much as value possible for stitching.

A lot is there in store for Designers too. We are working on adding even more enhanced buying experience for designers and boutique owners, offering them more value for their spend.

On the concluding note, we certainly think the new identity is more of natural
progression to represent what we have already become. And therefore more than just a milestone, it’s the beginning of new journey.

Fabriclore Motif

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Sheetal Prabha

Sheetal Prabha

I have been an ardent fan of Fabriclore because of it’s amazing and wide collection of fabrics and garments. Change is necessary to sustain. Fabriclore has proved that businesses today must imbibe customer reviews to improve themselves and to remain in the game. Loved the color palettes and the indie touch to their brand logo. Wishing the team for this beautiful change.

VimaLa Iyengar

VimaLa Iyengar

Every living being evolve so Many times in there lifetime some expected some unexpected but change and growing is necessary till our last breath good wishes to TEAM FABRICLORE but see that evolvement in pricing should not be too pricey for common man😄😄

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