Layer up your casual wears with scarves and stoles with our styling ideas this Season

Layer up your casual wears with scarves and stoles with our styling ideas this Season

With February already here, spring season is also just days away. It is that time of the year when there is still a chill in the air but not too chilly to stuff yourself with a layer of sweaters. This weather is all about layering. So, layering even a single piece of your clothing with scarves/stoles would do just perfect unless you are not one of those who would take a hot water bath in summers too.

Scarves can add color and texture to even your simple outfit. Just like an ornamental dupatta make even a cotton suit look so graceful, scarves can work the same for your everyday wear. And the best part is you have an option in scarves for every season. Like add a pashmina stole with an evening gown, a woolen scarf with winter wears or a light-weight breathable scarf for summers. They are so versatile that you can layer them with any outfit-be it your denim shirt, a cardigan, a simple dress, shorts,t-shirts etc. And today there is so much variety in scarves that you can have thousands of them and still they would all be unique.

Just like it is said Diamonds are girl’s best friends, scarves are not much behind. Scarves are something every woman should have in their wardrobe. Because we all have days when we don’t feel like wearing fancy outfits. And this is when scarves can do wonders for you. Take a look at some of the style ideas we would be giving for styling the scarves because scarves can do much more than just being worn on neckline.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves are simple a giant version of regular scarves which are perfect for chilled weather. The best thing about these scarves is that they are so long that you can simply style them in anything and everything. And they are so warm, chic, cozy and still breathable that you can easily wear them for early winters also.

Check out some of these ideas to style your blanket scarves.

For your next friend’s day out, just wear your scarf simply as you always do and add a belt around it. You are bound to make a style statement with this style. It is difficult to even understand if you are wearing a scarf or a poncho sweater. This style is perfect to add colors to your single shade outfit. And it even keeps you warm.

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Denim blouses with long leather boots is the perfect casual look. So if you are in a mood of a comfy look but still want to make it fancy, just layer with the blanket scarves. These scarves work with just everything- dresses, shirts, t-shirts etc.


Style your work-wear with scarves

Make your work-wears interesting by layering them with different types of scarves. Triangle Scarves were one of the hot trends in Spring 2015. And the love for them has still not faded away. Simply wear them with your blazers and sweaters in contrasting shades and you will notice how one scarf can make your boring work-wear look so fancy.

For Cold days, you can also layer your blazers with warm woolen scarves. And if you wear denims to your work-place also, simple pair them with nude shade scarves.

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Soft ombre scarves look so subtle that you can wear them to your office without looking too sumptuous.


Let your scarves do the talking

Leather jackets are something which marks the arrival of winters. And winters are definitely about dark shades. So, pair up your black leather jacket with a colorful scarf to make your wintery look appear stylish.

You can also wear a shiny scarf for an evening or even afternoon coffee date with your everyday denim. And you simply see the change in the overall look.

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Replace your necklace with stoles

Because junk necklaces are so old-fashioned. There was a time all we could see around was girls flaunting the big junk necklaces. It’s time to change the trend. Make your own style statement by styling your scarves in the form of necklaces. Go for tie and dye scarves and simply wrap them around your neck. Or make them look flashier by adding some pearls or stones in them.

With so many varieties of fabrics available today, you can also design your scarves in unique shapes. Check out the third look.

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Make your scarves a hair accessory

Who said scarves are just a clothing accessory? You don’t need to spend on buying different hair accessories when you already have tones of scarves lying in your wardrobe. From retro to boho look, scarf can do it all for you. And they work with all kinds of hair lengths- short, medium, long.

All you need to do is try out different styles of wearing hair scarves and choose what suits you best. Tie the scarf around your head for a perfect chic and boho look. This look goes best with a long casual dress.

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You can even wear a head scarf to your workplace. All you need to do is wrap it in the form of vintage style. Or simply tie it in a form of hair-band.


See how your scarves can shine for you

This Season is definitely about going bold. Metallic and heavy embellishments have been spotted in fashion shows this season. If you are also a fan of the glittery look, go for embroidered heavy work scarves. These scarves are just the perfect pick for evening parties.

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Style your bags with scarves

Yes, there is even more to scarves. You can also style your bags with scarves. And you can do them with your old scarves that you don’t wear anymore. Simply tie them around the handle of your bag or you can even tie them around the bag itself if it is a small cross body bag.

You can add a voguish flavor to your bag by tying it on the corner in the form of a bow. Take a look at some of these amazing styles you could do with your old worn out scarves.

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Isn’t it interesting to know how a small piece of clothing like scarf can be so versatile and adding just few staple pieces of scarves can do wonders for your wardrobe. And the best part of scarves is they look equally graceful with any fabric-be it wool, silk, cotton, satin, rayon, even fabrics like jute and khadi.

 So, Why not design your own scarves this season with our unique style ideas because nothing can be as perfect for you as something you design on your own.




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Aman Rathod

Aman Rathod

Scarves and stoles are the perfect way to layer up your casual wears. They are not just a fashion accessory, but also a protective layer for your neck and head.
Scarves and stoles are versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways to suit your mood or outfit. Here are some of our styling ideas for you:
- Scarves can be worn as a shawl or tied around the waist to add color to your look.
- Stoles can be worn over one shoulder or both, draped around the neck, or even wrapped around the head like a turban.

Hemal Tejani

Hemal Tejani

The blog is very interesting.Nice collection of Stoles & Scarves.

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